Friday, February 10, 2012

Author Interview: Julianna Baggott

Stopping in today is dystopian author Julianna Baggott to talk about her book Pure, cookies and goddesses!

What was the hardest part of building your dystopian world? 

The why. Why did the world as we know it fail? So many options to choose from.

Pressia's hand fuses to a doll's. What would be the worst part about that for you? 

I'd miss, quite simply, the feel of my own fingers as individual, moving them through water, through the pressure of air outside of a window. Each finger. Each one.

If you could pair Pressia and Bradwell with any character from any book, who would you pick for each? 

How about I let other people answer ... about Pressia -- and I'm taking "pairing" not to mean romantically but, wait, I'm completely manhandling the question (because I don't know how to answer it, to be honest) so this is what I look like when I'm tap-dancing around a question ... Danielle Trussoni (bestselling author of Angelology) wrote that "Pressia Belze is one part manga heroine and one part post-apocalyptic Alice, stranded in a surreal Wonderland..." And Aimee Bender (bestselling author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake) wrote “... If Katniss could jump out of her own book and pick a great friend, I think she'd find and excellent candidate in Pressia.” 

What god/goddess would be your nemesis? 

Is it cheating to say that I googled Goddess just to get some ideas and I found the blog of The Gluten-Free Goddess. Now, I respect this goddess, deeply, but I'd have to say that my love of gluten runs deep -- very deep -- and if she and I really wanted to spar gluten against gluten free, I'd do my best. 

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as? 

Finally, an easy one! Lemon ginger.

Thank you, Julianna, and congrats on the release! Now to hope that my hand never gets fused to a doll...

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  1. I am really excited to have found goodreads - as I have come across many great authors & books like yours that I may not have thought about - or found! Not that it wouldn't have been around but sometimes browsing through the site on goodreads, I find lots of books I wouldn't have found if I was at the library looking!! I love reading blog posts, because I feel like I get to know a bit of the person posting, that I may not have otherwise ever known anything about.

    LOL! I like that you would describe yourself as a Lemon ginger cookie .. I would like if they asked why:) lol ... like, is it your favorite type, or do you just feel it best fits your personality, etc:) lol ... I don't think I could answer that question:)

    I look forward to reading your book, whether or not I win one:)