Friday, February 24, 2012

Author Top Ten: Julie Chibbaro

Hitting up the blog today is Julie Chibbaro, author of Deadly, a medical mystery that pulls in Typhoid Mary. Instead of an interview, I asked Julie to write me a top ten list... and fittingly to my blog name, she went with her Top Ten Addictions, in no particular order:

1. Thrillers
2. Carrot cake icing
3. Facebook
4. Classic sci-fi films
5. Research
6. True crime
7. Journaling
8. Baking chocolate chip cookies
9. Medical mysteries
10. iPhone

Deadly is on shelves now in paperback, with a new cover from the hardback, so make sure you guys pick it up!

Now that I have a craving for some carrot cake... you guys should let me know what some of your addictions are!

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