Monday, April 23, 2012

Character Interview: Tristan from the Vicious Deep

Today, I've got Tristan, the main character of Zoraida Córdova's debut The Vicious Deep dropping in to answer a few questions, and give you a chance to win a copy of the book!

So… you’re a merman. What’s that like?

It’s like waking up one day and realizing you’ve outgrown all of your clothes.

Describe Layla in three words.

Oh. My. God.

What would your perfect first date be, if you could take Layla anywhere without restraints?

I dunno. We’ve spent every day together since we were practically zygotes. Well, I was a merbaby zygote. Still. She knows every date I’ve taken girls on. It’s a lot of pressure. I wonder if she’d think I’m playing my best cards, which I would be. I’ve been saving it all for someone and it’s her.

Now, I just have to think of something special enough. Can you help me out?

What is your favorite thing about your family? What frustrates you the most?

My mom and dad are the coolest parents in the world. I don’t mess up a lot because I don’t want to betray their trust. The only think that pissed me off was keeping the whole “oh, by the way, your mom’s an ex-mermaid princess. Also, you were also born a merman.”

That’s the kind of thing you tell your kid..

Boxers or briefs?

Wouldn’t you like to know...

What’s the best kiss you’ve ever had?

It’s all I’ve been thinking about since it happened. More than anything. But, no spoilers. You’ll have to read about it.

Thank you, Tristan, for dropping in and congrats, Zoraida, on the release!

This one hits shelves May 1, but if you can stand to wait, I've got your chance to win an ARC!

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Contest is US only, and ends April 30. There will be 2 winners.

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  1. Fun interview & the book sounds AMAZING!