Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Immortal Rules: Hierarchy of Vampire Society + Contest

Today's stop on the Immortal Rules blog tour, celebrating the latest release from Julie Kagawa and the start of her newest series The Blood of Eden, is all about the hierarchy of vampire society!


The Master vampires are the rulers of their covens, the oldest, most powerful of their kind. They are extremely strong, difficult to kill, and have earned their leadership by adhering to the ancient vampire rule of succession: eliminate all the competition. These Masters who rule over their lesser kin are called Princes, and each has his own set of rules and laws that must be obeyed. The Princes are supremely wary of each other and generally do not tolerate other Masters within their territory.

Before the plague, Masters could sire Elite vampires, the second most powerful vampires in the hierarchy. After the mutated Red Lung virus spread through the world, the Masters could still sire new offspring, but there was an equal chance that they would spawn a rabid.

On the very, very rare occasion, a Master could potentially sire another Master.

The Elite/Type-2s

The Elite vampires are those that have been sired by a Master, and they usually serve as his personal guard, the inner council, or other tasks that keep them close to the Prince. They make up most of his coven and usually do not ever break away from the Prince's service, though there have been exceptions. Elite vampires are very fast and strong, and while not as powerful as the Master himself, they are formidable in their own right.

Before the plague, Type-2 vampires could only sire the lesser vampires known as mongrels. After the plague, their reproductive capabilities shrank to almost nothing, as nearly every new spawn they tried to create produced a rabid.

Mongrels/Type 3/Lesser vampires

Mongrels, or Type 3 vampires, are the least powerful but also the most numerous of their kin, and the most likely vampire to be found roaming the dark city streets. Before the plague, many were wanderers, trying to fit into human society, preying on them from the shadows. Few owed allegiance to any Prince, and as they were considered beneath their Prince’s notice, were usually left alone. They are the weakest of the vampire hierarchy, though still stronger and faster than any human.

Mongrels could only create other mongrels before the plague, and did so often, spreading vampirism across the world in secret. However, after becoming infected with the mutated Red Lung virus, all attempts at producing new offspring have failed, spawning a rabid every single time. Most mongrels fled to the safety of the vampire cities after the plague, pledging their service to the reigning Prince but still being allowed the privileges of a vampire citizen. But it is now illegal, under punishment of death, for any vampire of the Type-3 variety to attempt to sire new offspring.

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For more information on the series, check out the Blood of Eden website, and the trailer.


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