Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Books I'd Kiss a Llama For: The Debuts

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. It kind of blows my mind it's already 2013, but at least that means there's a whole new year's worth of books to go all drooly for. And while it's always hard to spotlight just some, there are in fact some books coming out this year that, frankly, I'd kiss a llama for. Spit and drool and all. Since I for some reason always mentally classify books as debut versus not, here's thirteen 2013 debuts that have me as cracked out excited as Toby gets for a Beggin Strip.

(Please note, any covers listed on this page are as currently listed on Goodreads and are all definitely subject to change. Links also go to GR so you can add these to your shelf and not forget about them!)

13. My Life After Now – Jessica Verdi: This one sounds likes a hard hitting, make you think kind of contemp, and you guys all know how I feel about those. I fully expect this one to be painful and emotional, but probably so, so worth it.

12. Gated – Amy Christine Parker: I really do love dystopians, or ones that sort of straddle that kind of line, especially ones like this that are set in a situation I can see and get, yet which still is designed in a way that makes me totally curious. The premise of this one, too, beyond just the gated wall community, has me totally intrigued. Also, the cover above freaks me out. Her eye is so freaking blue and piercing. Clearly that means I need this book.

11. OCD Love Story – Corey Haydu: This one sounds so cute and entertaining, yet has the promise of plenty of rougher stuff and harder emotions. I love the different concepts and elements that seem to be blended in this one, at least based on the premise. And I have to admit, something about the name Beck gets me, and I can't wait to meet him.

10.  Insomnia – S.R. Johannes: Death by sleep, basically? Um. Awesome. And being pinned as a stalker when you're kind of just trying to survive? Okay well not awesome, but for a book launching point it's pretty great. Not to mention, this is male POV and since those are my favorite... well. It shouldn't surprise anyone I can't wait for this one!

9. A Point so Delicate – Brandy Colbert: As it is right now, the summary on GR for this one is so short, but holy wow does it have such an impact! I want to know all the secrets, and it doesn't even have a cover yet. But I admit it. Anytime someone has to face up to something seriously awful they've been involved with, even if it ends up being more innocent, I dive head first. This one is definitely no exception.

8. Transparent – Natalie Whipple: So as great as being invisible always seems in theory, there's been plenty of things already out there that say hey, that's maybe not true. But even just this summary shatters that notion. I mean, having it totally used against you by your own parent? Um. Rude. So the girl fights back, and heck yeah. But it's not that easy, and oh, man, I just want to know what happens!

7. Red – Alison Cherry: I actually kind of can't handle how much I love this concept. It's just... almost so obvious, yet so fresh feeling, if that makes any sense? I mean, redheads hold all the power, this girl is fake red, and has to protect that? Basically, yes. Yes please. Give me the drama and the tension and the bottles of hair dye.

6. 45 Pounds (More or Less) – K.A. Barson: I've heard from a source I trust this one is hilarious and awesome. Which just makes me want it even more than I already did. This one sounds like it'll have a great figuring things out element to it, mixed with a great family component... and I am always into family-centric stuff.

5. The Collector – Victoria Scott: I have been crazy excited for this one since last year. Again with the male POV. But also, um. A demon? Sign me up. And a cocky, sexy one at that? Just set me on a dish and call me butter. I can't wait to meet Dante, and to see all the ways Charlie throws him for a loop.

4. Reboot – Amy Tintera: This concept is just so brilliant and intriguing to me. The longer you're dead before being brought back, the more inhuman and therefore sort of powerful and useful you are? It makes sense in a not really kind of way. But take that, add some romance, some danger and the threat of elimination, and I expect a wowing and thrilling ride.

3. The Symptoms of My Insanity –Mindy Raf: Let me say, first, this one I know for a fact is getting a new cover. It's just not out, and I think this one is catching, so here it sits. Then I'll talk about how this one sounds like the perfect mix of hilarious and witty, and serious and sorrowful. I love the set up for this one, a hypochondriac all ready for something bad, only to figure out she's really not. I cannot wait to not only read about what the worst case scenario really is, but how Izzy navigates it.

2. Another Little Piece – Kate Karyus Quinn: Trapped in a body that isn't yours? Never a good thing. And a past vs. the future kind of thing, mixed with mystery? Yeah. I am so down. And then there's this cover, which just completely captivates me somehow. It's one I will probably end up petting.

1.  Charm & Strange – Stephanie Kuehn: Confession time. I would probably actually kiss two llamas if it meant I got this book today. I have been panting away for this one since sometime earlyish 2012 when I twitter stalked Stephanie. But something about this concept has just gotten so hard in my head and utterly enamored me. It helps, too, that it's male POV, but it's more than that. It's the two sides of Andrew Winston Winters described in just the summary. It's the fact it takes place over a single night, which basically guarantees me to be left freaking stunned by how someone can even pull off that kind of timeline. I expect to be put through the total array of emotions with this one, and can someone really just put me out of my misery and get it to me now please?

So there you guys have it... the debuts for this  year that are at the top of my list. I should also add the disclaimer, that this only includes books I don't yet have/haven't read yet. Which also means... check back tomorrow, because I'm posting a list of 2013 books that are beyond droolworthy and total must reads.

What debuts have you lining up with the llamas?


  1. I'm in the same boat as you for some of these books. Gated looks so unique as does Red. I also can't wait for The Collector. Some most excellent choices!

  2. I'd kiss a llama for Gated, too.

  3. Thanks for sharing these, they all sound awesome! Happy new year :)