Thursday, January 24, 2013

Author Interview: Anne Osterlund

Dropping in today is Anne Osterlund to talk about her latest release, Salvation!

Salvation is your first contemporary novel. What was writing this one like, compared to your previously published books: Aurelia, Academy 7, and Exile?

Though all of my novels have alternating points of view, this is the first book in which the guy’s story defines the action. It required a great deal of tossing and catching of objects: footballs, oranges, keys. Ultimately, though, the challenge remained the same. Digging as deeply into the character’s head—and heart—as possible, and allowing the reader to see the world from that character’s perspective.

How has your drafting process changed, now that you've had several books out?

LOL! It hasn’t changed nearly as much as I hoped it would when writing my first novel, Aurelia. At the time I remember thinking I had learned so much that the next novel would go faster. But when I began Academy 7, I still had to get all my thoughts down and realized that if I tried to revise as I typed, the thoughts would disappear. So I still have to make all those flawed drafts. I just recognize the flaws more easily.

Which character surprised you the most while writing: Salva or Beth?

Salva. I knew he was intelligent, ethical, conflicted. But I had no idea how stubborn he was until two thirds of the way through the second draft when he flat-out refused to go home. (As you can read about here. (insert link: Salva doesn’t like to argue or yell or throw tantrums. But he is as hard as a rock to move when he makes up his mind.

What was your reaction when you saw your cover?

Beth was totally embarrassed. She is not an exhibitionist. Salva was perfectly happy not being at the center of the photo—even though it is his story. I could never design anything half as beautiful as the covers Penguin’s artistic team creates.

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as?

Homemade chocolate chip. In this, Salva and I agree. We’re both perfectionists.

Thank you, Anne, for stopping in and congrats on the release! I can't wait to check this one out!

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  1. The cover of the books looks really romantic and sexy. Thank you for sharing.