Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Author Interview: Amy Spalding

Hitting shelves February 5 (not even a month away!) is Amy Spalding's debut The Reece Malcolm List! This is a cute, fun read with a seriously great voice to it. And two hot boys. So let's get to know Amy, and the book, better!

Devan sets out with a list of things she knows about her mother, and expands on it as the story progresses. Did you know going into the book all the specifics about Reece or did you learn a lot of those as Devan did?

I actually wrote the whole first draft with only the first list elements that kick off the book. I knew I wanted to incorporate something Devan kept track of for herself, but it wasn't until I was revising that I realized the role I wanted the list to play. (That also helped me finally come up with a title for the book!) So by the time I wrote the rest of Devan's list items, I'd already written a full draft and therefore knew everything Devan would find out about her mother. But really to me the list wasn't about what was revealed about Reece, but how Devan interpreted her. So--I hope!--it's ultimately about what's revealed about both of them.

What scene surprised you the most, without spoilers of course?

Without spoilers I'll just say originally I was only going to write about one cute boy, and then another cute boy seemed to have "good chemistry" with Devan and, lo and behold, another plotline was born. I honestly have no idea how "chemistry" happens in a book you're writing so. That was weird.

Musicals play a big part in not only the book, but Devan's life and likes as well. So with that, what is your favorite musical?

I could never narrow it down to one. Some: Merrily We Roll Along (the musical that's performed in the book), Hair, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Ragtime. I loved the movie adaptation of Les Miserables but think Little Shop of Horrors is maybe the best film adaptation of a musical.

What was your revision process for The Reece Malcolm List like, both before and after it sold?

The final draft is not THAT different from the first, really. Some scenes were shifted around, shortened, etc., and a few new scenes were added and some minor threads were snipped, but the overall story has been pretty much present. Before the book sold, the edits were mainly about polishing up the story, and after it was more focused on making the story less episodic--which I guess is one of my bad tendencies--and pushing it to become one driving story.

Besides Voldemort, which Death Eater would you want to fight?

I'm not sure I'm cut out to actually fight a Death Eater. I'd want some kind of duty where I, like, organized people and sent in snarky retorts to hurt Death Eaters' feelings. I just can't imagine I'd be that good in battle. I wouldn't mind a cool owl friend though.

What kind of sea creature would you describe yourself as?

Considering I am absolutely TERRIFIED of sea creatures, especially but not limited to when they are in aquariums, my answer would be NONE!!!!

So there you go! You can add this to your Goodreads, and find out more about Amy here.

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  1. Great interview-thanks for sharing. And the book looks good- have to add it to my list and check it out.