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Hush, Hush: Becca Fitzpatrick

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Partnered in biology with new student Patch, 16-year-old Nora Gray starts seeing things she cannot explain. At first she's both drawn and repelled by her lab partner, but when she sees V-shaped scars on his back, Nora learns Patch is fighting an ancient battle between the fallen and the immortal.


I've heard a lot of good things about this book and was looking forward to it but I have to admit, I was somewhat disappointed. The overall idea was great- the Nephilim, the story that you get about Patch, etc. But overall, I just felt distanced from it. A lot of it did seem choppy to me. I actually finished this book a few days ago but one, have been sick and busy, and two, just wanted time to really mull it over and have finally decided that I just didn't like Nora. I think she is what really killed this for me. She had a personality that I just couldn't really place and even in how she treated Patch, she was so hot and cold. She wanted to stay away from him and I get that there was some pull towards him, but until almost the end of the book when she flat out said that, there was little explanation why she was acting like she was. Many things in the books seemed disjointed.

I did enjoy Patch's character but felt that he was really the only comedy brought into this book. He had a great sense of humor and cracked many good jokes- some of my favorite lines from this book are from him- although even the mystery surrounding him kind of faded in the way Nora portrayed everything. Many of her reactions to things seemed weird to me and made me have to stop and retrace things which took away from the flow of the book.

One thing that really irked me through much of the book was the cops and maybe its just me, but it seemed incredibly unrealistic. The first time they show up after she thinks someone broke in, they just leave her there when they see that there was no break in and just say have your mom call but don't follow up. Then when they come to question her about another event, they almost outright accuse her and question her- a minor- while her mom isn't even home. I kept wondering if they were part of something bigger and maybe that will be revealed in a future book but for how it stands now, they really just seemed like crappy cops and it just irked me personally and also detracted from the book.

Now that I've said that stuff, the overall plot- great, awesome and unique. I am very intrigued about where it will go from here and I did like the ending. It was perfect for the end of a book and it could have stood alone which means there are even more possibilities for what's next. The last 100 pages her so did draw me in and make me want to keep reading but it wasn't really until then that I did. There were a lot of things that tied together nicely at the end and the different abilities the angels have- and where all they showed up- was pretty original and fit in well.

I give this one 4 stars because I just didn't like Nora, which took away from the story as a whole, but I am sure that if I did like her, I would have loved this book. Also, I was sick this week which I think distanced me more from it and kept me from wanting to do nothing but read. Bad timing as well as the perspective of a character that I couldn't get into is what detracted but overall, it is a great world and holds promise for the future books.

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