Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update Time!

I realize how much I suck at regular updates of a personal nature… so, maybe not a Sunday weekly update but just a when I think of it and have time update? Yes? Well, you don’t really have a choice but to agree so here goes.

The Novel:

Chapter 3 first draft is done… And I am about 14 pages into Chap 4. I am super excited about where that chapter is heading but haven’t really looked at it since last week on Monday because first I came down with a nasty stomach bug that took me out of commission for 3 days then this weekend and early part of this week was spent visiting my parents. But, all the same, I am still liking how it is playing out because mind you, I don’t plan much. I just sit down and write and see what comes out but I was pleasantly surprised with this.

I am inspired often times by music and a 310 mile car drive each way means lots of music and lots of thinking time. I have come up with a few more ideas for things, mostly related to the characters- their back stories, who they are and what’s happened to them. Actually, the focus of the few things I have been mentally developing are more related to minor characters but I think it is still important.

Everything else:

In other exciting news… my good friend Lisa- the one who I must thank for really helping me get into all this blogging stuff- is holding a contest. She can be found here and if you follow my blog, you get extra entries. The prizes are pretty snazzy- it is a great first contest for her.

When I reach 50 followers- which might be very soon given the push of followers thanks to her help which I am undeniably grateful for, I will be holding a contest as well. It might not be as snazzy as hers, but hey, it’s a contest none the less. I just might be jacking her idea of promoting another blog but details to come.

All the same, check out her blog. I like it, but I just might be biased…

I received an email from a publisher at Random House today that pretty much made my day and had me bouncing around happily at 745 this morning and if you know me, that’s shocking. They saw a comment I left on another blog and offered to send me proofs of the related books and possibly even a proof of Fallen, which I am incredibly excited for! I am sure I will be doing another happy dance and posting an excited note when/if I do receive them but I am still kind of on a high from it so now I am telling you all and again, you have no choice really but to listen, assuming you are reading this, although I guess you are choosing to do that so maybe you do have a choice? *blink blink silence*

Currently, I am reading the Monstrumologist and I have to say, AMAZING! The dialogue and the way things are described and it is written is just… phenomenal. It is heavy on the gore factor which makes me love it even more but if you are squeamish, I still recommend this one. I am only 150 pages in but I am in love with it and even if I end up not liking how the plot pans out, I still hold complete respect for this book because of the way it is written so really, I highly suggest everyone reads at least some of it so see what I mean. More to come when I finish it and post the review but things are promising for it.

Tempted came out yesterday… my copy is on its way and somewhere in Dallas now according to the tracker. I am hoping it comes today… but, who knows. The postal service does weird things sometimes.

Also, I need a last minute Halloween costume for a party on Friday and currently have few ideas. Oops? I don’t know where this month went but it totally slipped my mind until my friend reminded me about it yesterday. Two days away, I know- fail. But what can I say? I rarely dress up and last year, I went after work which meant I was wearing scrubs already so I just was a nurse… soooo any new ideas you guys got that is something I can fashion at home? Leave comments. Who knows, maybe it will win you an extra entry or two later in my contest or something.

But on that note, I think I am out of things to ramble about. Mostly, I just felt like posting about me because, well, I can but I think we’ve established that fact. Leave me comments, make me feel special, etc. =)

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