Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Birthday Top Fives: Imaginary Girls and Hourglass

A huge happy book birthday to the authors of two of my favorite books this year: Nova Run Suma and Myra McEntire. Seriously, if you guys haven't already preordered, go pick these books up today! They are amazing and awesome and brilliant! And to entice you a little more, here is my Top Five Reasons You Have to Buy Them!

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma:

5. There's this boy and... and while there is a boy, a few actually, none of them have this huge presence that steals readers and makes them swoon. And as much as I love my hot boys, it so works in this one, and Nova has pulled it off so freaking well. But I will admit, I do have a soft spot for Pete, but the fact that the boy is at the bottom off the list and not the top should say something right there about how great this book actually is.

4. Awesome setting. No lie, the setting is important in this one, and man does Nova know how to write it in a way that makes it it's own character, without washing out the meat of her story or her other characters.

3. Ruby and Chloe's relationship. If you want a sisters book, this is the one to get. From the intensity that comes with it to the frustration and confusion, Nova has put all of it into these two girls, and done it flawlessly. While I admit that I love boy books, this one makes me love girl books just as much.

2. Absolutely gorgeous, stunning writing. From building the entire atmosphere and creepy air of things to empowering then emotional then fulfilling, Nova has a way with words that cannot be taught, cannot be faked, and is just astoundingly beautiful. Noticeable from the start and never backing down, the writing has just as strong am impact as everything else.

1. Amazing and perfectly pitched story. With a mystery that builds from the start yet has plenty of clues left along the way, Nova doesn't go to leaps and bounds to hide things from her readers, yet even if things are figured out, those reveals are still breathtaking because this book is done that incredibly well. Hints of the supernatural and something otherworldly amidst an otherwise contemporary type setting add to everything even more, making this book worm its way into your head and keep hold for days after you're done.

Hourglass by Myra McEntire:

5. The main character, Emerson, is awesome. A little spunky, a little damaged, and a lot awesome. She has an interesting view of the world, some fantastic sayings all her own, and is just a very great character to get behind

4. There's this hot boy who Emerson falls for named Michael. If you're into the sweet, overly kind, sauve kind of guy, then Michael's for you. Waiting in the pages of this book. Saying please find me. I'm shocking.

3. Emerson lives with her older brother and his wife, and seriously, you want to read this relationship. It's such a great mix of parent and sibling, and gives a really unique element to the story overall. And not only that, but Thomas and Dru have actual roles, an actual presence, that is more than just the fill in parents.

2. There's this other hot(ter) boy named Kaleb. Who is mine. But we'll talk about him anyhow. Cocky and witty, one of the best first meetings for both Emerson and readers ever, sexy and sardonic and yet... mushy in just the right ways and oh so delectable and enticing.

1. This story is brilliant. Absolutely, positively, so well put together, mindblowingly brilliant. So intricate and in depth and I kind of wonder how Myra's brain didn't break writing this book because yes it is just that good.

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  1. Imaginary Girls is a hauntingly beautiful, incredibly eerie, touching and melancholy story about the bonds of sisterhood and the power and limitations of one girl.

    This is ultimately the story of two sisters, Ruby and Chloe, who come from a broken home, with an alcoholic for a mother and two different absentee fathers. During their childhood older sister Ruby became Chloe's protector, putting her before all else until the one time she didn't.

    And it was that one moment which shattered everything, which broke their bond, and caused Chloe to leave home and Ruby behind.