Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Character Tweets and Author Interview: Jennifer Jabaley

This time I have a double feature for you guys, spotlighting Crush Control author Jennifer Jabaley! Not only is she going to answer a few of my interview questions, but she also did some characters tweets! You know, if some of her characters had twitter accounts, what the feed would look like? So here it is, the tweets then the interview!

Mia: OMG! Just got THE CALL from the head cheerleading coach at UGA! #scholarshipnews

Willow: @Mia Congrats!! That's amazing!

Georgia: @Mia You rock!

Georgia: Am bored. Watching Pretty Little Liars. Who's coming over?

Willow: @Georgia Be right there!

Max: @Willow I thought you were coming HERE!

Willow: @Max After!

Max: @Willow Not too late. I want to play my newest song and Mom complains if it's too loud after 10.

Georgia: @Max Buy her earplugs #solutions

Quinton: @Max Trent jammed the rifts for me #totallyrocks

Max: @Quinton thx. still working on it

Max: Just sitting here waiting on my girl.....

Mia: @Georgia I'm coming! Bringing English report. Did u finish?

Willow: @Mia Oh, good idea #grouphomework

Quinton: Just remembered English assignment #outahere

Willow: @Georgia I'll be there in five. Bringing Oompa #thedogisneedytonight

So there's a look at her characters, and now a look at Jennifer!

You can hypnotise any one person, for one hour. Who do you pick and what do you make them do

Well, my first instinct is to hypnotize my kids to make them into perfect little angels. No crying, no complaining, no fighting! Ahh, such a lovely dream :) But I guess I've learned from Willow and realize that hypnotizing someone for your own needs/desires is not a great idea.

Willow makes the front page (for some other than hypnotism)! What does the headline read?

Willow Grey's dog, Oompa, a fiesty Boston Terrier, wins Best Overall in the Worthington Annual Bark in the Park Contest

Emily and Willow meet up for the day. What do they do?

They get Emily's aunt Jolie and Willow's mom, Vicky together too and they all get make-overs by Jolie and Trent. Then they order in food and watch videos of Vicky's old hypnosis show.

What was the biggest difference for you between writing Lipstick Apology and Crush Control?

I wrote Lipstick Apology on my own, got agent representation then sold it to Razorbill. Then I went through rounds of revisions with my editor. With Crush Control, I was contracted based on a synopsis so my editor and I worked from the ground up building the plot points together. Having editorial guidance from the earliest stages made the entire writing experience much quicker and laser focused.

If you could pair Willow, Max and Quinton with any character from any book, what would be your picks for each?

Willow - Peeta from the Hunger Games - b/c Peeta is a romantic and I think he would take care of Willow even when she gets herself into trouble

Max - Anna from Anna and the French Kiss - they're both from Georgia so they have that southern connection and I think Anna would appreciate the musician and creativity in Max

Quinton - Belly from Jenny Han's Summer Series - Quinton is a bit preppy, loves sports and the beach and I think he and Belly would hit it off

If you were a demigod, what god/goddess would be your parent?

I would love if Athena was my Goddess mother. She was the goddess of wisdom but also the Greeks worshipped her as a patroness of arts and crafts because she was skilled at spinning and weaving. I love the idea of being from a bloodline that has strengths both in intellectual abilities as well as creativity. The perfect balance.

What kind of cake/confection would you describe yourself as?

One time in an interview for a local cable news channel, the interviewer asked if my writing style was like my personality. I answered, 'Yes, both are light and fluffy." While I was mortified at the time, it IS kind of true :) So I think a light and fluffy maybe an angel cake?

Thank you, Jennifer, for those answers, and congrats on another great release!

Crush Control is out now, so make sure you guys all go pick it up! And don't you love the colors on that cover?

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