Monday, June 20, 2011

Character Tweets: A Need so Beautiful

Instead of my usual character interview, Suzanne Young has shared a little of what her characters would tweet about if they had accounts. It's hilarious, and fun and gives you a great idea about these characters. And for the record, I still so love Harlin. So hot!

CharlotteCassidy @sexahSarah Seriously???

SexahSarah @CharlotteCassidy SORRY!!!!!! My nail appointment ran late. On my way!

JustHarlin @CharlotteCassidy Told you so. @SexahSarah

SexahSarah Hey, @justHarlin! Bite me!

JustHarlin @SexahSarah Uh… no thanks. I haven’t been properly vaccinated for that.

CharlotteCassidy @SexahSarah @JustHarlin This is cute and all. But I’m standing at St. V’s freezing my ass off. Can SOMEONE pick me up? Or at least call my house!

AlextheGreat Don’t look at me. You crazy fools can figure out your own way home. @charlottecassidy

CharlotteCassidy @Alexthegreat, don’t make me beat you upside the head. Call Mercy!

AlextheGreat You smokin’ that wacky tabaccy again, sister? I have a DATE. Something you’d know more about if your boyfriend did more than drive around looking hot.

JustHarlin @alexthegreat First, thanks for the hot. Second, I’m on my way @charlotteCassidy

CharlotteCassidy Thank you, Harlin. Love you.

JustHarlin I love you, too. Forever. Forever.

SexahSarah GAG!

AlextheGreat *Pukes on @SexahSarah’s new knock-off shoes.

SexahSarah @alexthegreat THEY ARE NOT!!!


  1. Ha, that was hilarious! I'm even more curious about this book now, the characters sound awesome :)