Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet the Characters of Sarah Darer Littman

What do you do when an author has written more than one great book? Steal more than one character! Sarah Darer Littman, author of the upcoming Want to Go Private? has not only let me steal Abby for a little bit, but also been kind enough to lend over Dani, the protagonist in her great book Life, After. So check it out, then make sure you get to know both girls because their stories are good ones!

Describe your perfect first kiss.

Dani: Roberto’s warm lips in the dappled sunlight under the branches of the ombu tree.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Dani: Taking walks with Papa to the end of the long wooden pier by the Club de Pescadores to watch the fishermen try their luck in the Rio de la Plata. Papa always convinced them to let me “help”.

If you could say one thing about the most trying time in your life, what would it be?

Dani: With joy, we overcome the terror. With love, strength and hope, we prevail.

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Abby: The guy who played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. Except when he’s not in the LOTR he looks kind of old. I think he’s almost as old as my Dad.

What kind of cake would you describe yourself as?

Abby: After…you know…people at school would probably say “fruitcake.” But my therapist would say I have to think I’m more than that if I’m ever going to be able to move on. So…I don’t know. I guess maybe a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling? Like everything thinks I’m dark and bad for you but really I’m not. I just made a mistake. A really bad one.

Thank you, Sarah, for lending your characters on congrats on another release!

Make sure you guys all check out Life, After which is out now, and Want to Go Private? which hits shelves August 1!


  1. Ooh, I loved the answer to the last question the most, actually...I also loved Dani's answer about trying times...
    Overall, it was great!

  2. Great interview! I'm reading Want to Go Private? right now and can't wait to read more!