Monday, March 5, 2012

Author This or That: Marni Bates

Dropping in today is Marni Bates, author of the cute and funny book Awkward, to tell us a little about herself, This or That style!

Country or Rock

Rock! Absolutely. I did go through a country music phase but I overdosed on songs about fishing, beer, and trucks. You know, all that stuff I could really relate to back in middle school (Not). Now I can't even handle Shania Twain. But I love indie rock music and tend to do my best work when I have it blasting in my kitchen.

Cougar or Bear

Bears have fascinated me since I read Blueberries for Sal (written by Robert McCloskey) as a kid. I always wanted to switch spots with a bear cub and live on honey and berries. Yum!

Shrek or Donkey

Donkey! He made the movie. He was just so cute and upbeat.

Firefighter or Policeman

Mmm . . . can't I have both? Okay, how about this: FBI agent! What do you mean, I've been watching too many episodes of White Collar? Is that even possible?

Laptop or Desktop

Laptop! I am so ridiculously in love with my MacBook Air that I named her Amelia Airheart. She goes everywhere with me.

Purple or Green

Purple! It's the color of royalty. And it's pretty.

Stripes or Spots

Stripes? I'm super indecisive on this one. I love polka dots but when I hear "spots" I mainly think about spaghetti stains on a white shirt. Okay, stripes it is.

Mayo or Mustard

Mayo. Mustard really grosses me out.

Saltwater or Freshwater

Yikes, this one is tough. I think I have to pick freshwater (sans chlorine). I absolutely love scuba diving in pools. My family members think it's weird, but all I want is to sprawl out on the pool floor, look up at the surface, and watch the air bubbles while I breathe. So calming.

Morning or Night

Night. I am not a morning person. I tend to just skip over it entirely and emerge from my lair around noon. Rouse me before nine a.m. at your peril.

Thank you, Marni, and congrats on the release!

Awkward is out now, so check it out!

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  1. That saltwater/freshwater question is good :D

    Hehe, I like it when people give names to their belongings. I have a friend who named her car Sophia & another who named the first friend's laptop Jasper (because it was pale and the vampire). xD

    Anyway, fun This or That! interview :)