Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini Reviews: Something Like Normal, Endlessly and Arise

It's time for another round of mini reviews... gush fests of books I've recently read that aren't coming out for awhile but I can't just stay silent about. So as always, enjoy, put these on your radar, and come back closer to release for my full reviews of all of these!

Something Like Normal by Trish Doller: I've been waiting since 2010 for this book. I've heard from several of Trish's beta readers how much I will love it. I've been Bellatrix Lestrange level of crazy wanting this one. So, yeah, I had huge expectations for it. But even with all that? It blew me away. This is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. The characterization is absolutely stunning, almost indescribable in how well it was done. There are so many little things, small turning points and huge steps back, with so many layers and intricacies that all I can say is do yourself a favor and read it. Travis is amazing, kind of a jerk, definitely closed off at the start of the book and not just because he's on leave from an active war zone, but also endearing and caring. The changes he goes through in the book, of who he was before he left for boot camp and how that's changed him, layered over the way he changes as the book's event progresses is so authentic, wrenching, and perfectly handled. There is just something about him, and I seriously love this boy. But don't forget Harper, who I have a girl crush on, because she is just... awesome. With a little romance, plenty of emotion, a few scenes that made even me cry, and a beautiful, poignant, realism to it... Something Like Normal is stellar, amazing, brilliant, and a million other such words. Also? I read this one straight through in one sitting. Then did it again the next day, it's just that good.

Endlessly by Kiersten White: So, you know how sometimes you worry that the last book in a series will be a let down? Fret not, Kiersten delivers with this one. It has the same wit, innocent humor, and hilarious banter that drew me into the first two books, with a level of depth and emotion riding underneath it. With a compelling overall story line, and some awesome tie backs to things that happened in the first books, Endlessly is stunning as its own book but also as the final installment. Challenging once again how you'll view some of the characters, and testing Evie in some crazy ways, I blazed through this book and am still grinning about it over a week later. Also? There is more Reth in this one, and he is really rather amazing. And so is Lend. And the selkies (okay, so I might be partial to one of them....). And really, just the level of imagination that is in this book knocks it out of the park.

Arise by Tara Hudson: Kissing, in the first ten pages! Joshua! Amelia! Okay, so you get that with Hereafter, but still. I love these characters, and am always up for a good kiss, so Tara's way of starting this installment was quite lovely. But the story? Yeah. Original, well put together, hard to predict at times, emotional, and awesome. You get to see a new side of Amelia, and watch as even Joshua is tested. Plus, this one takes place mostly on New Orleans, and Tara does not scrimp on vividness and bringing it to life. There are some great twists in this one, and it had me as engaged as the first one, if not more.

So there you have it, some of my latest reads that I loved! The full reviews will come closer to their releases, but make sure you add them to your lists!


  1. Thanks for the mini review of "Something Like Normal." It's been on my radar for a long time, too!

  2. Endlessly's cover looks GORGEOUS! I have the two books, and I'm gonna start it soon.

  3. Something Like Normal: I'm super jealous! I've been waiting for this book since FOREVER, too. Unfortunately my NetGalley request got declined because my blog isn't "based" in the US. I'm from Germany, but the blog is written in English. Doesn't seem to matter *sniff*. I was very disappointed...still am. I hope you enjoyed the book! I won't read the review. Want to wait for the book's release :-). Ohhhh now I'm even more excited haha.
    Happy Mondaaay
    _yay_ @ BookthatThing!