Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Character Interview + Contest: Rollins from Slide

Stopping in today to celebrate a debut release is Rollins, the best friend, hot boy, and potential love interest to Vee, the main the character in Jill Hathaway's Slide! And not only is he bringing himself, he's also got a great contest for you guys, so let's get to it!

Every time you see Vee lose consciousness, what's it like for you?

It’s scary. No matter how many times it happens, I can’t get used to it. We’ll just be sitting there, watching movies, and she’ll suddenly go unconscious. I try to stay close to her in case I need to catch her. I don’t know what I’d do if she got hurt—like, really hurt.

What was the worst part about watching Vee's interest in another guy?

I want her to be happy, but at the same time it’s tough because I always felt like she kind of had some feelings for me. It’s also hard because she’s my best friend, and we’ve grown apart since she met Zane.

What's your favorite part about the zine you put together, and about drawing in general?

When I’m drawing, it’s like a release. I’m not one to really talk about my feelings that much. Instead I put all that energy into my art. Same thing with writing.

What's it like to kiss Vee? 

I’m uncomfortable with this question.

Boxers or briefs?


What kind of reptile would you describe yourself as?

A reptile? Uh, I don’t know. A turtle, probably. I like to keep to myself mostly.

Thank you, Rollins, for answering my questions, and you would make a very cute turtle.

Congrats, Jill, on the release. I can not wait for more from Vee, and am so excited this book is finally out! You guys definitely do NOT want to miss it!

To celebrate the release, Jill and Rollins are offering up a signed copy of Slide, as well as bookmarks for 10 runner up winners!

To enter, just fill out THIS form!

This contest IS International, and ends April 6.

No entries will be accepting through comments, but you should totally comment anyhow. I mean, come on, we've made the guy uncomfortable. Give him some support.


  1. Sounds like a good mystery and I would like to read this book.

  2. "I’m uncomfortable with this question. " Baha. I love Rollins he was so sweet. I just finished this one yesterday so this was great :)

  3. I'm so excited to read this book! :)

  4. A turtle? Well, I still love you Rollins

  5. A turtle is a reptile? Are they really?

  6. Great Interview! It would be difficult to watch someone lose consciousness and not be able to much about it.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Aww, no juicy details? No fun.

  8. Hahaa, awesome interview! I love Rollins! :D