Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Character This or That: Andie from Where It Began

Stopping in today is Andie from Ann Redisch Stampler's debut Where It Began, for some This or That fun!

Black or Gray

Gray because I really like rainy days and fog. I love how magical everything looks when it’s foggy out. Especially when I get up in the morning and it’s very soft and foggy, but then it starts to burn off and the day gets all sunny.

Sand or Grass

Grass. Especially barefoot. I think it’s really awful the way Winston re-did the football field in artificial grass. It’s the wrong color, it feels terrible, and isn’t it bad for the environment when you get rid of plants like grass? Also, if you were playing football on that field, what would you rather fall down on, grass or green stuff that feels like spikes?

Stay In or Go Out

This is really a hard one. Nothing against my house, but I like to hang out at Andy’s house. So that’s really going out, but it feels like staying in because I’m there so much. So if Andy’s house counts as going out, then going out, but if it counts as staying in, then staying in.

DVD or Blue Ray

Blue Ray. If you can have a better image, why would you want a worse one? If you’re watching it. If it’s just in the background, I guess it wouldn’t matter.

Shrek or Donkey

I love Shrek. I wish he could be my uncle or something. I wanted him to be happy so much, and then I didn’t want any sequels because I was thinking, “He’s happy, now leave him alone.”

House or Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy. Better romance, less weirdness.

Zebra or Gazelle

Zebras. They just seem like super-cute ponies to me. Chunky ponies. I know that a friendly zebra would only be friendly because humans messed with it and screwed it up, but if there was such a thing as a friendly zebra, I would definitely go see it and pet it and everything.

Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb

I totally don’t drink that stuff. Nobody should drink that stuff. I’m not exactly a nutrition expert and I eat candy and I drink and everything, but if it’s that bad for you and it doesn’t even taste as good as Coca Cola, which is also not health food, why bother? For the same calories, you could have a cookie. Wouldn’t you rather have a cookie? I totally would.

Dog or Cat

I miss my dog Duchess so much, I’m not even sure I could handle having another dog. So this probably makes me a cat person. After Duchess died, Andy said, did I want a kitten, only I didn’t want any other pet, I was too sad. So he kept the kitten, which is named Happy. I play with her when I’m there. She’s a very sweet cat.


Winter or Summer

Winter because I love the holidays. Except for New Years because Andy hates his dad’s party. Did you hear about his dad’s New Years parties? Gross. But Christmas is different. People get so cheerful and nice that time of year.

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