Thursday, May 24, 2012

Author Interview: Carrie Jones

I've been a fan of Carrie Jones' books since I first read Need not long after it came out, so I'm super excited to have the chance to interview Carrie, in celebrating of the release of Endure, the final book of the series!

Which book in the series was the most challenging for you? The most surprising?

ENTICE was the easiest to write because the plot line was much straighter. It’s a quest. The hardest to write was also ENTICE because my brain tends not to think in straight lines and sequential order. I tend to have thoughts that branch out like tree limbs. This is cool because it makes my brain a not-so-boring place, but bad when it comes to writing books. It was a challenge to keep it interesting despite the forward thrust of the book.

I only started writing novels in 2005 when I went to Vermont College of Fine Art’s MFA program. I had been a journalist and a poet person before. So, I think all my books have been ridiculously challenging. Journalists don’t have to worry so much about plot. Poets get to play so much with language and image. So, writing action scenes and having really plot-focused books was a big experiment for me. It was fun, but challenging. I started writing NEED just to see if I could actually do it. I never expected my agent to sell it. I also never expected to fall so much in love with the characters. So, those may be the most surprising aspects of it for me.

In what way do you think you've grown the most as a writer over the course of the series?

I hope that I’ve gotten taller. I always could stand to grow another inch or so. I’m far too short.

In terms of craft? I hope that I’ve become better at plotting, at story structure, and description. One of my professors at Vermont said I have a tendency to find my characters’ shoes fascinating. Hopefully, I’ve grown beyond that.

Which boy would your teenage self have wanted to kiss more: Astley or Nick?

Oh my gosh! It feels so evil to chose! I would probably initially wanted to kiss Nick more. I have a thing for puppies. But dog breath? Hm…. Unless there were Milk Bones around to freshen that up, I’d have to chose Astley.

What aspect of creating the pixie world did you enjoy the most?

Pixie lore is not as hard and fast as vampires or werewolves or fairies or much of the western myths. I liked being able to play with the often contradictory legends and then blend it with Norse myths as well. I could never write about vampires because I’d be so afraid of breaking with the hard-core mythology behind them.

If you could pair Zara, Astley and Nick with any character from any book, who would you pick for each?


Zara would have to go with Mr. Spock from some Star Trek fanfiction. Why? Because I am evil… I think it would be funny seeing someone so in touch with their emotions deal with the emotionally repressed Vulcans. Plus, blue pixie blood and green Vulcan blood would make a cool color.

Astley – Hermione from Harry Potter. Think about it. It would totally work.

Nick – Mirabelle, the Boston Terrier who starred in The Adventures of Mirabelle.

What god/goddess would be your nemesis?

Echidna. She’s the mother of all monsters (or at least half). It’s hard to not have her be a nemesis. She was part snake though, which makes her pretty cool.

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as?

I think I’m a double chocolate chip sandwich cookie with a Nutella ganache actually. I plan on returning as one in my next life.

Thank you, Carrie, and congrats on the Endure release!

This one is on shelves now, so make sure you pick it up!


  1. Great interview - lots of funny questions and answers.

  2. Wow, Carrie's cookie sounds tasty! Thanks for the interview, and for reminding me I need to get hold of Entice.

    (although my favorite of Carrie's books is still her first, Tips on having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend)