Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Author This or That: Geoff Herbach

Dropping in today is Geoff Herbach to celebrate the release of his sophomore novel, Nothing Special, for a round of This or That!

Shrek or Donkey – I love me some donkey, but I think I have to go with Shrek, as I feel more comfortable with his ability to keep me alive in a bad scrape. So, I’m going with Shrek.

Horror or Drama – Yeah, I like drama. I watched Amityville Horror when I was seven and my mom wasn’t home for some reason and I almost accidentally killed myself from screaming and gathering kitchen knives and crap (for protection). I’m afraid of being that afraid. It was terrible.

Polka Dots or Stripes – Really big polka dots. Like one. Huge. Right on my belly. That’s where I’ll balance my nacho chips when I watch TV.

Okapi or Zebra – I sort of feel like an Okapi is a wannabe Zebra. I feel the Okapi’s pain. I will take the Okapi in and feed it nacho chips from my polka dot as we laugh together in front of the TV.

House, MD or Grey’s Anatomy – House. Funny Doctor with addiction issues. He hates people.

Cake or Pie – Apple Pie. With ice cream.

Penguin or Puffin – I like puffin puff cereal. I think it’s made out of puffins. So, puffins.

Blue or Green – Both. Those are the colors of the world seen from the moon. We’re all in this together.

Stay In or Go Out – Take out and then stay in. Take out like five meals from the Chinese restaurant and pretend I’m reading my fortune cookie fortunes to somebody else, even though I’m all alone. I add “in bed” to all of the fortunes. Me and the Okapi laugh a lot.

Truck or Car – Gravedigger. That truck can do somersaults. It would be excellent in heavy traffic.

Thank you, Geoff, for giving me what is probably the most hilarious This or That I've done to date, and congrats on another release!


  1. I like his reason for picking Okapi.

  2. Haha, agreed, most hilarious interview/This or That I have ever seen anywhere. Seriously awesome. I didn't even know what an Okapi was before this!

  3. Pretty much the best answers ever! Now I feel like buying Geoff an Okapi. LOL.

  4. Jessica, I will love you forever if you buy me an Okapi!
    (Thanks, Kari -- that was fun to do!)