Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Author Top Ten + Contest: Michael Northrop

Today's guest of honor is Michael Northrop, author of Trapped and Gentleman, as part of his Trapped blog tour. The topic for this post is Top Ten Winter Perils!

10. Hit by snowball

9. Hit by ice ball

8. Slip on ice

7. Fall through ice

6. Caught in snow storm*

5. Caught in ice storm

4. Double-dog-dared to lick freezing flagpole

3. Chased by polar bear

2. Caught by polar bear

1. Avalanche!

* Not including massive weeklong nor’easter

Thank you, Michael, for that list. Good luck with your release, and against those polar bears.

Now for your chance to win an ARC of Trapped, fill out THIS form.

Contest is US only and ends February 8.


  1. Thanks again, Kari! I should also mention that I did *extensive research* for this list. I won't say exactly how many ice-induced wipeouts or snowballs to the head that involved, but suffice it to say: I grew up in a snowy area with an older brother!

  2. I can relate to that list!! I've never been chased by a Polar bear but I've seen a few feeding on a whale carcass.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I've been seeing this book around a lot lately and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!