Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Author Top Ten List: Cyn Balog

Stopping in today is Cyn Balog, author of Sleepless. You know, that one about the sandman that falls in love? Cyn's been kind enough to give us a little glimpse into the details of her sandmen, and is sharing the Top Ten Things a Sandman Must Remember.

10.Make sure you have a full supply of sand in your pockets; only use approved sand.
9. Leave the way you come in.
8. Be courteous to other Sleepbringers you may encounter but work alone.
7. Ensure your charges are asleep before leaving their locale.
6. If you must enter your charge's dreams, disturb the dream as little as possible.
5. Do not stray from your charges.
4. Mind the advice of your instructor and the Originals.
3. Care for your charges above everything else.
2. Touch nothing in the human world.
1. You are no longer human.

Thank you, Cyn, for that list! If you guys haven't picked up Sleepless yet, make sure you do soon! You can also check out Cyn's first book, Fairy Tale, out now in paperback.

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