Monday, January 10, 2011

From The Boy Closet (2)

From the Boy Closet is a new weekly feature here at A Good Addiction that will spotlight a different well done YA hottie each week. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably heard me talk about the YA boys I've shoved into my "Boy Closet" and this feature is thanks to that. It takes more than just looks to make me swoon for a guy in a book, and there are plenty of boys who didn't do it for me, so for the authors who wrote the guys who could.... this post is for you.

This week's boy is one that I've never been able to forget since the first time I met him. I admit, I already had a thing for Latinos, then Alejandro Fuentes from Simone Elkeles' Perfect Chemistry entered the YA world and stole my heart and sealed the deal. He's more than just a little rough around the edges. He's cocky and full of himself, but he's fierce in his devotion to his family, and takes plenty of hits for those he cares for. Despite how arrogant he comes off, pretty early on, the deeper side of him is shown. The way he views the world and the people around him, and watching him for Brittany and having no clue why she's turning his life upside down is just fantastic. Not to mention, his tattoos are a total turn on, his curly locks make you want to just sink your fingers in them, and he's built like you'd expect any hot gangbanger who also works in an autoshop to be. And when he slips from English into Spanish, at just the right moments.... whoa damn watch out, because this boy is hot and dangerous and everything in between.

And here are a few quotes, for your reading pleasure, to remind those of you who've read this why he's so fantastic, and to tempt those of you who have yet to pick this one up to do so:

""Listen, Alex," she says, whipping herself around tossing that sun-kissed hair over her shoulder. She faces me with clear eyes made of ice. "I don't date guys in gangs, and I don't use drugs."
"I don't date guys in gangs either," I say, stepping closer. "And I'm no user."" --pg 31

"I didn't know Brittany Ellis considered me hot. "For the record, I thought you were untouchable. But now that I know you think I'm a hot, sexy, Mexican god..."
"I never said the word 'god.'"
I put my finger to my lips. "Shh, let me enjoy the fantasy for one minute."" --pg 148

"My breath hitches. "Do you want to kiss me, Alex?" I whisper.
"Dios mio, I want to kiss taste your lips, your tongue."
"And no tongue," she adds.
"Mi vida, if I kiss you, I can guarantee there's gonna be tongue."" --pgs 194-195

""Stop sayin' that. Listen, no matter what happened, I'm not with you just to get into your pants. I got carried away with the way we clicked tonight, your vanilla scent that I wanted to keep inhalin' forever and... shit, I really messed this up, didn't I?"" -- pg 246


  1. Great idea of weekly feature, Kari! I love your choice for this week. I'm re-reading Perfect Chemistry right now and I adore Alex even more as I adored him before (if it's even possible).
    I'm looking forward for the next hotness from your boy closet :)

  2. Oooo you sooo got me hooked with these quotes! I have been wanting to read this book for so long. What is taking me so long!

  3. Oh my...this is definitely going on my wishlist!

  4. Great choice. I just finished Perfect Chemistry a couple weeks ago and still find myself thinking of Alex and his relationship with Brittany.

  5. Oh! I love this meme and may just participate next week.

    Totally agree with your choice btw. ;)

  6. Alex is soooo hot. One of my favorite book boys.

  7. Love this and your choice! After reading those quotes I think I'm going to have to go back and reread the book.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more! I just love all the guys in Simone's book. The Rules of Attraction book trailer on her blog is absolutely amazing!...well at least the guys in it are.

  9. I love the Boy Closet!!! :)

    I just finished PERFECT CHEMISTRY. :) I can see why Alex made the cut. :)