Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ladies and Their Tramps (4)

Ladies and Their Tramps is my version of the question I ask a lot of authors: If you could pair your main character (and usually their love interest) with any character, who would it be? The responses are always amusing. Now in 2011, I'll be bringing you a new couple every week.

This week's couple mishmash is Charity from Claudia Gray's Evernight Series and Roman from Alyson Noel's The Immortal series.

So, can we say world implosion and evil? This matching has nothing to do with cute and sweet and everything to do with how can we get an explosion. Charity is manipulative and a weird mix of evil pushing into sadistic, and Roman is, well, also manipulative but charming and suave as well. He knows how to get what he wants with grace and class, and Charity just holds nothing back and goes for it. Put these two together, and very bad (but probably really rather awesome) things would happen.

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