Monday, January 17, 2011

From the Boy Closet (3)

From the Boy Closet is a new weekly feature here at A Good Addiction that will spotlight a different well done YA hottie each week. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably heard me talk about the YA boys I've shoved into my "Boy Closet" and this feature is thanks to that. It takes more than just looks to make me swoon for a guy in a book, and there are plenty of boys who didn't do it for me, so for the authors who wrote the guys who could.... this post is for you.

This week's boy comes from Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall: Archer. He's cocky and sure of himself, a bit on the jerky side, and seems to be a bit of a player. But he's clearly got some depth and a certain intensity about him that will keep a girl coming back for more. Not to mention, with his charming good looks and a killer smirk, Archer raises a few eyebrows. He's great with the witty banter and snappy comebacks, but he can be gentle when needed. And okay, so there might be some questions about him by the end of the book, and he might be more on the jerky side, but he's still hot.

"You know," someone said off to my left, "I usually find a blocking spell to be a lot more effective than yelling 'Bad dog,' but maybe that's just me."
I turned. Leaning against a tree, his collar unbuttoned and tie loose, was a smirking guy. His Hecate blazer was hanging limply in the crook of his elbow.
"You are a witch, aren't you?" he continued. He pushed himself off the tree and ran a hand through his black curly hair. As he walked closer, I noticed that he was slender almost to the point of skinny, and that he was several inches taller than me. "Maybe in the future," he said, "you could endeavor not to suck so badly at it." -- pg 20

"I mean, I'm considered something of a catch." -- pg 162

"Shut up," Archer said good-naturedly, lifting his arms over his head to stretch. "For your information, only my bow tie will be pink, and I plan on rocking it, thank you very much." -- pg 230

I looked up to see him studying me intensely with an expression I'd never seen before. Well, one he'd never directed at me before.
"She was right," he murmured.
"About what?" I said, and my voice didn't even sound like mine. It was low and breathy.
"I did want to spend the ball with you." -- pg 256


  1. Yet, another book I haven't read yet! I've seen and heard a lot about this book...maybe I should check it out!

  2. Archer is SO drool-worthy! I love Hex Hall!

  3. I love Archer. He finds that line between a jerk and a decent guy and he balances on it perfectly.

  4. Archer sound pretty funny. I think I'm gonna put this book on my TBR list. :)

  5. I sooo have to read this now! And definitely join in on this aweesome feature. (: AMAZING post.


  6. Sounds quite yummy and angsty and ... okay, so I have yet another book to add to the list.

  7. I really liked the character of Archer and I'm really looking forward to see what he gets up to in the next book.