Thursday, July 28, 2011

Author Interview + Contest Alert: Jennifer Ziegler

And dropping in today is Sass & Serendipity author Jennifer Ziegler to answer a few questions! And I have to say, one of these answers is my favorite so far to that question...

Daphne and Gabby make the front page! What does the headline say?

Sisters Get Through Entire Day Without Arguing!

Or …

Girl Discovers Her Sister Might Not Be As Annoying As Previously Thought!

Or …

Local Girls Make Guinness Book of Records for Repeated Eye-Rolling!

Which character would you make friends with more easily, Daphne or Gabby?

I would have to say Daphne. I sympathize with Gabby, but she’s so hard on people. Plus, she’s built up several protective layers, making it difficult to truly get close to her. Daphne, on the other hand, is wide open – to friendship and joy (and therefore pain). She’s willing to take emotional risks.

Of course Daphne would also show up late to our get-togethers and possibly blow me off if a cute guy asked her out for the same evening. We’d be close, but I’d probably find her exasperating at times.

If you could pair Daphne, Gabby and Mule with any character from any book, who would you pick for each?

Chapter Two of Sass & Serendipity reveals that Gabby, as a young girl, wanted to marry Harry Potter, and I do think they would make a good match. They are both loyal, selfless, and have a well-honed sense of honor.

I have to say that I think Daphne’s love life turns out the way it should in my book. However, if I had to pair her with a famous fictional character, I would choose sweet, loyal, and handsome Stephen Colley from Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle – because he would adore her and be devoted to her, but he would also pull her back down to earth whenever she got carried away.

I'd be curious to see Mule paired with Jane Austen's Emma. I believe he would admire her spirit. He'd find her foibles charming and yet gently point out her errors of judgment. She, in turn, would benefit from his steadfast nature and boundless patience.

What god/goddess would be your nemesis?

Whoever is god or goddess of gizmos and gadgets is my nemesis. I don’t know what I did to fall out of his/her good graces, but I have obviously been cursed in that arena. Computers, printers, cell phones, recording devices … they all seem to go on strike when I come near. Even those automatic paper towel dispensers snub me. I’ll do all kinds of tai chi movements in front of the sensors to no avail. It’s like having a really useless super power – a reverse Midas touch. Maybe they should send me into enemy territory.

What kind of dinosaur would you describe yourself as?

I am what’s known as a queso-saurus. This creature lives off enchiladas and other spicy, saucy, cheesy fare, but it will also hunt down and devour anything chocolate. It is gentle by nature – goofy even – but can turn fierce to protect its young (and its chocolate stash). Its call is that of a high-pitched laugh, and its den can be recognized by the teetering stacks of books and abundance of empty coffee cups. The natural enemy of a queso-saurus is the alarm clock.

Thank you, Jennifer, for those fantastic answers, especially the dinosaur one. You pretty much win major points for that answer.

And I mentioned a contest, didn't I? No, I didn't lie, although I'm not hosting this one. Rather, the wonderful people who set me up with Jennifer for this interview are, and here's your details:

A Sassy Giveaway! Three lucky winners will each receive one copy of Jennifer Ziegler's SASS & SERENDIPITY along with Jane Austen's classic, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. To enter, send an e-mail to In the body of the e-mail, include your name, mailing address, and e-mail address (if you're under 13, submit a parent's name and e-mail address). One entry per person; prizes will only be shipped to US or Canadian addresses. Entries must be received by midnight (PDT) on 8/5/11. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on 8/6/11 and notified via email.

How cool is that?? Fire off those emails, then be sure to check out Jennifer's website and blog to find out more about her, her books, and the inner workings of a queso-saurus. And also be sure to stop by Mother-Daughter Book Club tomorrow for more fun from Jennifer!


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  3. I loved your questions and of course her answers! I really enjoyed Sass & Serendipity! Great to read her answers about her characters!

  4. Thank you, Kari, for hosing me on your amazing blog. I had so much fun!

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