Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet the Characters of Keri Mikulski

Here today to celebrate the release of the next Pretty Tough novel, Stealing Bases, is author Keri Mikulski. But instead of asking Keri a few questions, I fired off several for her characters. So with that, meet Kylie, the focus of Stealing Bases, Amber, Kylie's competition and nightmare, and Zach, a cheating horndog of a guy (even though he's hot. And sometimes charming.)

Describe your perfect date. 

Kylie – Guys suck. No dates for me.

Amber – How exciting! =D Definitely a nice dinner at the Beachwood Country Club and a romantic stroll on the beach. I can picture it right now. And maybe a movie. How about you?

Zach – A hot tub with as many chicks I can fit. JK.

You're dropped into a room full of Death Eaters! What do you do?

Kylie – Kick ass. I never go down without a fight.

Amber – Death Eaters? Gross. I’d love to just talk to them. I mean, can you imagine the major baggage they’re dealing with to want to kill people and eat them?

Zach – Run!

What is the one book you recommend everyone reads?

Kylie – He’s Just Not that Into You

Amber – Jennie Finch’s Throw Like a Girl

Zach – Who needs books?

What god/goddess would be your nemesis?

Kylie – Definitely Aphrodite

Amber – Erida because mean people suck.

Zach – Huh?

What kind of vegetable or fruit would you describe yourself as?

Kylie – A peach

Amber – When I’m on the mound I’m as cool as a cucumber.

Zach – This one is easy. A hot tamale. 

Thank you, Kylie, Amber and Zach for stopping by and answering my questions!

Now make sure you guys all check out Stealing Bases, in stores now! Who doesn't want a flirty, fun, sporty romance?

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