Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Character and Author Interview + Contest: Eileen Cook

I've stolen a character to interview again! But this time, the author decided to answer the questions as herself as well... so with that, I bring you guys not only Lauren Wood from Eileen Cook's Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood, but also Eileen. And because she is so awesome, Eileen has also brought you guys a contest for her MG book Fourth Grade Fairy!

Note from Eileen: There is a reason Helen wants revenge on Lauren. She’s not the easiest person to get along with.

Describe yourself in 4 words.

Lauren: I’m not the kind of person who is easily summed up in four words, I would have to go with fabulous, determined, talented and beautiful. It’s not easy being me, other people can get envious.

Eileen: Funny, creative, goofy, kind. 

If you were lost like Nemo, what would be your biggest obstacle in getting home?

Lauren: I wouldn’t be lost. I’d simply pull out my dad’s platinum Amex card and arrange for first class ticket home.

Eileen: I have zero ability to read a map or follow directions, so I could get lost in my own house. If I were Nemo my biggest obstacle would be keeping focused on going home. I’m easily distracted, so I would want to meet everyone and see all sorts of things instead of remembering that I was supposed to be going somewhere.

What type of puppy would you describe yourself as?

Lauren: I have no idea why I would ever compare myself to a dog. Now, I can imagine describing myself as a member of the royal family if I had married William I would have picked a dress with a bit more bling than Kate Middleton and I never would let my sister where something that looked that good on my special day. Okay, if I had to be a dog, I would be a Pomeranian, with one of those cute pink polka dotted bows in my hair.

Eileen: I would be a terrier- very determined, love shoes (although unlike my dogs who chew on them, I would only fondle them with love), energetic- but also the kind to like a lazy nap in a patch of sunshine.
What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Lauren: Pleasure should never be guilty. I keep a vigilant watch on my weight so eating something other than salad (no dressing) is a treat.

Eileen: I absolutely LOVE getting a book I’ve been waiting to read rushing home and flopping on the sofa with my dogs and a cookie and reading for the whole afternoon.

What god/goddess would be your nemesis?

Lauren: Is there a goddess for unpopular people? She would be against me for sure. It’s strictly envy.

Eileen: Always keep the gods and goddesses on your good side is a motto of mine. People who can smite you and chase you with lightening shouldn’t be made angry.

Boxers or Briefs?

Lauren: Designer silk boxers.

Eileen: I’m more of a bikini panty girl myself, but on guys I like those hybrid brief/boxers where it is like a brief, but longer.

Who was your first crush?

Lauren: Don’t tell anyone, but I have a bit of a crush on Christopher. I know he’s not my typical type (wildly popular), but I think he’s amazing.

Eileen: I liked my neighbor Scotty when I was growing up, but then he cut all the hair off my Barbie doll. After that I decided I hated him.

Thank you, Eileen and Lauren, for those creative and differing answers.

Make sure you guys all check out Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood, already out, along with Eileen's other great titles!

But now for your chance to win a copy of her MG, Fourth Grade Fairy, just fill out THIS form. Contest is International, and ends July 13.

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