Thursday, July 21, 2011

Character Top Ten: Bean and Henry from Pearl

To help celebrate the release of her latest book, Pearl, the lovely Jo Knowles has been kind enough to share some favorites for two of the big characters in the book. Sure, you can learn a lot while you read the book, but there's always those little nuggets of info that often just don't make it in... and so with this list, you now get that!

Bean and Henry’s Favorites list:

1. Favorite song: Anyone Else But You, by the Moldy Peaches
2. Favorite movie: An Affair To Remember
3. Favorite snack: Frozen Mini-Snickers dunked in coffee
4. Favorite footwear: Flip-flops
5. Favorite TV Show: Days of Our Lives (but only because they bonded over it)
6. Favorite breakfast: Entenmann’s Raspberry Danish Twist
7. Favorite meal: Roasted Veggie Lasagna
8. Favorite dessert: Suzie Q’s
9. Favorite city: New York
10. Favorite hangout: The river

Thank you, Bean and Henry, for sharing your favorites and congrats, Jo, on the release!

Pearl is out now, so make sure you guys all check it out! Bean and Henry are great characters, and definitely ones you don't want to miss!

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