Sunday, July 17, 2011

Character Top Ten List with Tens from Wildcat Fireflies

I'm mixing things up a bit here today, and instead of doing a character interview, I've asked Tens, from Amber Kizer's Meridian and Wildcat Fireflies, what his ten favorite things are. And I have to say, this list gives you a really good idea of how Tens is, and I can totally see these things after meeting him.

Tens’s Top Ten Favorite Things:
10) The Ugly Burger at Bub’s in Carmel, but really food in general
9) SafetySuit “Someone Like You”
8) Kid Rock “Born Free”
7) Joi’s Kitchen Sink cookies—anything with butter and sugar in them.
6) The iPad—all technology toys
5) Fast cars and open roads
4) Custos—she’s my best friend—hell, that sounds mushy.
3) Clean socks—too many weeks of wearing the same pair until they could walk by themselves make me enjoy new ones everyday now
2) Running
1) Meridian, especially when she’s relaxed and sleeping with her head on my chest and her fingers wrapped around mine

Thank you, Tens, for sharing some of your favorites, and congrats, Amber, on another release!

Make sure you guys all check out Meridian and its follow up Wildcat Fireflies, both out now!

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