Monday, October 17, 2011

Author Tens List: Janet Gurtler

I admit it, when someone is or becomes an author, I tend to forget that they might have had other jobs before it, or even with it. I mean, what, writing hasn't always been their life? So when you realize the obvious... it's also pretty cool to find out what jobs they've had, and here to share today is Janet Gurtler, author of If I Tell and I'm Not Her.

Ten Jobs Janet Gurtler Has Had

Wendy’s- Fry girl, Salad Girl, Hostess, Burger Flipper Cashier. I did it all.

Copywriter at a Radio Station – Also did voice overs for commercials and filled in at reception at lunch

Copywriter at TV Station- Accidentally killed a bunny rabbit we were using for a commercial. Still feel bad about that.

Disc Jockey- At a groovy Nightclub and for parties. Spun actual records and could “mix” my music. Fun for a younger me.

Cocktail Waitress- While in college, worked at a sports bar and later a pub. I was a very bad waitress.

Sales Representative/ Account Manager- For Kraft Foods, A Liquor Company, A Cheese Company –spent 15 years working in the corporate world

Sales Merchandiser. For a Drug Company and a Toy Company (and more) Great perks

Mystery Shopper- Not as fun as it sounds.

Errand Runner/ Lifestyle Concierge – Exactly what it sounds like. Doing people’s chores for them. Part time of course. Great job for a writer! What I do now in addition to write!

Author- My favorite job of all. Especially the uniform.

Thank you, Janet, for sharing those jobs, and wow, what an array!

Now make sure you guys check out If I Tell, out now!

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  1. What an interesting list of jobs.

    And the one job for fifteen years-wow- quite a time factor!

    I have always wondered of a house sitting job that might be cool for just writing. But reality must enter at some point-eh?

    Sounds like an okay job, the present one.

    Great post-I got a giggle from it!