Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet the Characters: Bull and Victor from Cracked by KM Walton

Today, I bring you guys the chance to meet the two main characters from KM Walton's 2012 debut Cracked: Bull and Victor. So check it out, get a first look at these guys, then make sure you add the book to your list!

What three words would your mother use to describe you? 

Bull: I’m thinking I have to be all clean and stuff, so let’s just say the three words would make old ladies pass out. For real. 

Victor:  Lazy, ungrateful, weak. My mother wouldn’t fit into the sweet and loving category.

What god/goddess would be your nemesis? 

Bull: God/goddess? Nemesis? Seriously? All I know is the world can suck it. Including gods and goddesses. 

Victor: Plutus – the god of wealth. Money is the only thing my parents care about.

How old were you when you had your first kiss? 

Bull: I’m not telling you.

Victor: That’s a really private question and something I want to hold close to me for a while.

Boxers or briefs?

Bull: Briefs. I need my junk protected.

Victor: Boxers, but I’m embarrassed talking about this.

What kind of dinosaur would you describe yourself as? 

Bull: The T-Rex, because it’s an ass-kicker and it eats the weak ones. I can relate.

Victor: What’s the easiest one to eat? That would be me. 


  1. Very contrasting characters. It's amazing how so few words can give such great insights.

  2. Thank you for sharing "my boys" with your blog readers, Kari!!