Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This or That + Contest with Jessica Martinez

While I love interviewing authors, I also really love firing off a quick this or that list to them, mostly because I get to ask even more random things than I do in interviews. Virtuosity author Jessica Martinez was kind (crazy) enough to let me send her one, and in return she's bringing you guys the chance to win a copy of her book!

Opera or Classical: Classical (I’m a violinist, so even the most beautiful opera reminds me of sitting in an orchestra pit, playing the same thing night after night, and being so bored I want to stab myself in the head with my bow.)

Pringles or Doritos: Pringles

Juice or Milk: Milk (Dairy is my best friend. Sorry to any of my human friends who thought they held that title.)

Cowboy or Farm Boy: Farm Boy (I can’t explain why. It just is.)

Pool or Ocean: Pool

Dine In or Eat Out: Dine In, Eat Out (That’s right. I chose both.)

Milkshake or Smoothie: Milkshake (There you are again, my sweet, creamy BFF!)

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers

Strawberry or Peach: Strawberry

Dawn or Dusk: Dawn

Ice Cream or Pie: Ice Cream (This list is giving me some serious Ben & Jerry’s cravings. I’m eating yogurt right now, but it’s just not cutting it anymore.)

Coffee or Tea: ... (Neither, but Starbucks makes a mean salted caramel hot chocolate. Yeah, that.)

Housework or Yardwork: Yardwork

Action or Drama: Drama

Halloween or Valentines: Valentines (No contest. I hate the creepy stuff, but I love me some lovin’.)

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing those, and I agree, there's just something about a farm boy...

Ahem. Now for your chance to win a copy of Jessica's back, which admittedly lacks in the farm boys but has plenty of other great things about it, then just fill out THIS form!

Contest is US Only and ends October 19.

No entries will be accepted through comments, but you should still leave one.


  1. O.O I think I may agree with everything Jessica picked. Wow.

    OH WAIT NO. I would never say no to tea. :S


  2. I love "this or that" interviews. They're so random (and somehow more insightful than regular ones).

  3. I really love that virtuousity cover art!!