Monday, October 3, 2011

Character Tweets: Alex Halprin from Ashfall

I've given Ashfall author Mike Mullin the challenge of showing us what the twitter feed would like for one of his characters, and he was awesome enough to take it! So with that, I bring you guys Alex Halprin’s Twitter Feed!

AlexShdwPrst: Downloading patch 3.2.2 right now.

AlexShdwPrst: #fridayreads William Wallace: Brave Heart by MacKay. Boring.

AlexShdwPrst: Still downloading. How is it possible to write a boring book about Wallace?

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst Leaving in 15 minutes.

AlexShdwPrst: @Mominator Why r u on my Twitter again!!! I told u not to do this!

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst I called you 3 TIMES. I even stood in the doorway and yelled at the back of your head.

NotSpork: @AlexShdwPrst BUSTED!

AlexShdwPrst: @NotSpork How r u even seeing her?

NotSpork: @AlexShdwPrst I followed her. Ur moms is cool, she followed back.

AlexShdwPrst: @NotSpork The next time I c u, I’m gonna test my ax kick on ur head.

Notspork: @AlexShdwPrst Let me know when u forget about that, k?

AlexShdwPrst: @NotSpork Watch the clock. When it reads NEVER, I’ve forgotten.

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst Leaving in 10 minutes.

AlexShdwPrst: @Mominator Taekwondo’s not for an hour!

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst You’re getting a haircut on the way.

AlexShdwPrst: @Mominator My hair is fine.

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst If you’re going to play Shaggy in a live-action Scooby-Doo remake, it’s perfect.

AlexShdwPrst: @Mominator That’d be lame.

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst They did make a live action version. You don’t remember?

AlexShdwPrst: @Mominator Whatev

AlexShdwPrst: @Warcraft Hurry up and download! Maybe I can get one daily in.

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst Did you see this? This guy almost lost his family because of War World addiction.

AlexShdwPrst: @Mominator It’s World of Warcraft, WoW, or @Warcraft.

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst Let me quote my favorite son, “Whatever.”

NotSpork: How to be @AlexShdwPrst: Open vise. Insert balls. Clamp down.

AlexShdwPrst: @NotSpork Shut up

NotSpork: @AlexShdwPrst Does it still count as teabagging if ur getting it from a vise?

AlexShdwPrst: @NotSpork I don’t know what ur talking about & I don’t want to know.

AlexShdwPrst: Finally! @Warcraft downloaded. 3.2.2 here I come!

Mominator: @AlexShdwPrst Time to go!

AlexShdwPrst: Goodbye Twitter. I’m moving to Tumblr. Mom doesn’t know about it yet.

Oh the joys of Twitter, yes? Thank you, Alex, for giving us that embarrassing look at your feed, and thanks Mike for sharing!

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  1. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    Mominator - priceless!!! :D
    Love these character tweets!

    I cannot wait to read Ashfall, it is on the absolute TOP of my wish/want list!!

  2. Love Mominator! Nothing like your mom being on your social media sites. Talk about embarrassing.

    Great twitter conversation!

    candicerjames [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. LOL Mominator...seriously hilarious.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com


    This was brilliant!!


  5. That seems like something my mother would have done to me when I was a kid (if twitter were around back then). Thanks for the entertainment!


  6. Too funny! I would be just like the mom. I've totally embarrassed my sons at home, in supermarkets, on vacation, especially at the doctor's office!!

  7. Ha! While I doubt this has much to do with the book at hand, it makes me want to read it even more!

    Working for the Mandroid
    workingforthemandroid at gmail dot com

  8. Okay, Mominator sounds just like my mom. My mom loves to say "Whatever". ROFL!

    Ashhfall is on my to-read list! So, thank you for the chance to win and read it! I'm joining the blog tour!


  9. You're absolutely right, Mandroid--it doesn't have much to do with ASHFALL. Yellowstone destroys the electrical grid, internet, and Twitter in the first chapter, so I had to make up some backstory to create a Twitter feed for Alex. You do get to meet Alex's mom and his friend Spork, though, but not on Twitter. Enjoy ASHFALL!