Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine.

This week's pick is Struck by Jennifer Bosworth, coming May 8 from Farrar Straus & Giroux.

Summary: Mia Price is a lightning addict.

She’s been struck so many times she’s lost count. She can’t sleep, she’s covered in veiny red “lightning scars,” and repeated strikes have even stopped her heart on occasion. Still, Mia can’t resist a storm.

That's why Los Angeles, where it never rains, is the perfect place for her to find peace . . . until a massive earthquake devastates the city.

Now Mia finds herself struggling to hold her family together in a strange and terrifying new version of Los Angeles. The beaches have become massive tent cities populated by millions of homeless. Downtown is a wasteland, where a traveling party moves to a different empty building each night, the attendees drawn to the destruction by a magnetic force they cannot deny.

The blind prophet of a doomsday cult called the Church of Light, who predicted the earthquake with frightening accuracy, says a storm is coming to usher in the end of days, and only his Followers will be saved. Mia’s traumatized mom has become obsessed with the Church of Light, while her younger brother Parker is desperate to join a second doomsday cult called the Seekers. But Mia is the one both cults need.

The Seekers are recruiting people with an energy-based power they call the “Spark,” and Mia has it stronger than most. They claim the false prophet of the Church of Light will bring about the end of the world, and they are the only ones who can stand against him.

But without Mia on their side, they will fail.

Mia’s lightning addiction is both the key to saving the world . . . and destroying it.

My Thoughts:  Lightning addict? Yes please! Not to mention, the cult aspect of this book completely has my interest piqued. I so want to see how that is tied into the dystopian aspect of this mixed with the whole getting hit by lightning a ton of times and living. Plus, I always love a good life or death, saving or destroying situation... it's just, um, fun. Not to mention, this cover is so hot! It's definitely something that would catch my eye on the shelves. So basically, I want this book. Urm. Now.


  1. Sounds very dangerous and adventurous. Lightning addict?! Omfg, that's unbelievable! Haha, nice choice this week. :)

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  2. Ooh, this sounds very intriguing and exciting! Great choice! I'll have to add this to my tbr list. =D

  3. This one sounds really interesting and the cover is so eye-catching. Great pick!

  4. This book looks really good and seems like it has alot going on in it but in a good way. Adding to my goodreads tbr. =]
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  5. So much about this sounds unique, original and fresh. The idea of a lightning addict sounds pretty cool. And the whole end of the earth deal, and two cults where we can't be sure which one is right? Fascinating! I'll definitely need to check this out. To the wishlist it goes. :D Thanks!

  6. Omg. This book sounds awesome. So fresh! Great choice!New follower. Hope you get a chance to check out mine.

  7. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. I am with you on both accounts lightning addict and two cults vying for her gift? Great pick!

  9. Dying to read this as well, great pick.

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  10. I've seen this a few times now and the more I look at the pretty cover and the summary, the more I actually want to read it. Sounds very intriguing and exciting.

    Great pick,
    Carina @ Fictional Distraction

  11. I haven't seen this before. Seems good.. Striking cover too =P

    Mine is here.

    Have a great Wednesday!

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    April @ books4juliet

  12. yip I really want that book aswell. love the cover so awesome and the story sounds amazing!

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  13. I've noticed this one around and it sounds fascinating. Hope you're going to love it!

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  14. This one is on my TBR list as well it looks very... badass!! haha. Gret choice!

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  15. I could not imagine being struck by lightning. Looks like a good pick. Here's my WoW

  16. That's new to me! Looks very interesting and I love the cover!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  17. This looks great! I wasn't aware of it so thanks so much for sharing it!!

    ~Asheley (Into the Hall of Books)

  18. This sounds intense, good pick.

  19. hey friend! this one looks seriously awesome! hope you're doin well, haven't seen you since Rosemary's signing!

    here's my WOW post! Stop by and let me know what your fav read has been so far this year!! I also posted a review of my technically I guess I already finished with my waiting!

  20. This book sounds amazing! It's definitely on my wishlist! I can't wait to egt my hands on it :) Great pick!

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  21. I agree, LOVE the cover. Haven't heard of this before but definitely going to check this one out :)

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  22. Sounds awesome! Love the idea of a lightning addict!

  23. I choose this as my Waiting on Wednesday a while back! It sounds captivating!

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