Monday, January 16, 2012

Author Interview: A.C. Gaughen

Stopping in today is Scarlet author A.C. Gaughen to talk about her debut... and boggarts.

Scarlet makes the front page headline! What does it say?


What was the hardest aspect of writing a female character pretending to be a male, particularly in voice?

Scarlet has always had her own, very odd way of talking in my head. Her experiences played into it far more than her gender; her time as a thief in London and the secrets she’s hiding combined to form a voice that is consciously, constantly covering something up. She’s very cautious and suspicious even in the quiet of her own mind, and she sees the world in a very visual way. Honestly I love writing in her voice!

If you could pair Scarlet with any character from any book, who would you pick for her?

Heathcliff! Hands down. Didn’t even have to think about it. They would make broody, angsty babies together. Scarlet needs a guy with a few emotional scars. And Heathcliff has to realize the whole Cathy thing isn’t going to happen...

What form would a boggart take in front of you, and what would happen when you cast Riddkilus?

My boggart would clearly be a legion of gigantic, remarkably spry spiders. And when I cast Riddkilus, a huge fireman’s hose of water would spray them all away and create this blue, shimmery web of protection around me like you see in the Products that Kill Bugs commercials.

What single music lyric describes you the best?

“There is a darkness deep in you, a frightening magic I cling to”--Snow Patrol, “You’re All I Have”

So there you guys have it! A little sneak peek at Scarlet, and a look inside the author's head! This one hits shelves February 14, so keep it on your radar!

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