Monday, January 23, 2012

Author Interview: Brodi Ashton

Hitting up today is debut author Brodi Ashton, who's awesome book Everneath is hitting shelves tomorrow. This one has some great characters, and a fun twist on the Persephone myths, so let's get to the interview!

Would you find it harder to never get back to say goodbye to everyone, or having to admit you got sucked in to the Everneath?

Definitely harder to never get to say goodbye.

What was your favorite part about building the Everneath and it's rules/confines?

Once I had the characters down, and their goals, so many of the rules and definitions fell into place. Book 2 is a different story, though.

Amongst your friends and closer readers, which boy seems to be getting more attention: Cole or Jack?

haha! My friends and closer readers are definitely vehement about which one they like! But if I were to poll them all, Jack would probably win. As a side note: I always wanted to write a human boy who people would root for, even though he didn't have any supernatural abilities. Jack is human, and yet he gets most of the votes.

If you could pair Nikki, Jack and Cole with any character from any book, who would you pick for each?

Can I pick from a television show? Because Cole should totally be with Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But Nikki and Jack... I feel like I would be betraying them to put them with anyone else. No one else would understand each like the other.

What kind of office supply would you describe yourself as? 

Glue. At least, that's what I want to be. My husband would say I'm more like that one office supply that acts like a tornado, coming into a room, destroying everything, and leaving it for others to clean up. What office supply is that?

Thank you, Brodi, for stopping in and congrats on the release!

Make sure you guys go check it out tomorrow. You don't want to miss it, plus the cover is just gorgeous...


  1. Great interview! I always love author's answers...but your husband's takes the cake! (Mine would probably say the same thing).

  2. Definitely looking forward to reading Everneath. I love Greek myth, and always am on the lookout for awesome retellings. Then add in the fact that the Hades-Persephone story is one of my favorites, and you gotta know I'll be checking this one out!