Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Release Day Top Fives: Fracture and Tempest

Two of my very favorite books ever are being released today: Fracture by Megan Miranda and Tempest by Julie Cross. These are both debuts, and man are they just amazing. I kind of want to be them when I grow up...

So, because I think EVERYONE needs to read these books, here are my top five reasons to get them:

Tempest by Julie Cross:

5. The plot is brilliant. And a bit of a mind meld. I think my brain broke a few times while reading.

4. There's romance, but not, yet it's also a big factor, yet it's in the background. No, that makes no sense. Yes, it's true.

3. Is there a dark side to time travel? I am going to go with yes, after reading this book, and the reasons why are kind of amazing.

2. Characters. Julie has some of the best characterization around, from the big characters to the smaller ones. And even better? It fits according to whatever year they are in, and shifts again as the time shifts. Holy wow.

1. There's a hot boy. And he just so happens to be the main character. And he is also in my Boy Closet.

Fracture by Megan Miranda:

5. Megan is awesome and I want more books from her, so if everyone buys her books, then the publisher will buy more and then I can read them. Help a girl out.

4. Cover. The cover is gorgeous, but it also fits SO well. You will appreciate it more after you read the book. How can you stand to miss out on THAT?

3. Decker. I mostly love him, but also harbor a little lingering anger towards him. He leaves me feeling twisty. But he is still in the Boy Closet. Mostly.

2. There is a lot of science stuff in this one, but it's twisted just right to be truthful, while still a little supernatural-ish. And it's brain science related, and my major was neuroscience, so I admit it. I am biased. And awed.

1. Brilliant story. Honestly, I picked this book up expecting to read one chapter, because of one little thing on the back of the cover that actually irked me, and I did not stop reading. I went in annoyed (for a personal reason), and came out stunned. Yeah. That.


  1. I love your list! I think u have me completely sold on both of these books! Just what I need. For this month. A few good books to look forward to.

  2. I haven't read Tempest (yet) but I have read Fracture last year and I loved it. It was awesome! I hope we'll be seeing more from Megan. :D

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