Friday, January 27, 2012

Cover Reveal + Contest: Forget Me Not by Carolee Dean

Today, I've got something awesome and special for you guys: The cover for Carolee Dean's fall release Forget Me Not. I am so excited about this book. I adored Take Me There - it's definitely a book that will always stick with me and just happens to be a male POV, and you all know how much I adore those- and now I have another book of hers to drool for!

So before we get to the what's it about, what can you win, and other good stuff.... I give you the cover:

Is it not gorgeous and intriguing?

Now for what the book is actually about, so you can join me in yearning away for this one:

Ally is devastated when a scandalous photo of her is texted around school. With her reputation in shambles and her life essentially over, she hides out in a back hallway, trying to figure out where everything went wrong. 

Elijah has spent time in that hallway too. He landed there after taking a whole bottle of sleeping pills. Now he can see ghosts, and he knows what Ally has yet to suspect—that she's already half dead, and one choice away from never coming back.

Elijah has loved Ally for years and would do anything to save her from her in-between place. But if she’s going to live, Ally must face her inner demons, and find the will to save herself.

Does that not sound utterly amazing? This one is set to be released October 2, 2012!

So if you're as eager as me for this one, then you're in luck! I have an ARC of Forget Me Not, along with a copy of Take Me There, up for grabs for one lucky winner!

To enter, just fill out THIS form!

This contest is US Only and ends February 10.

No entries will be accepted in the comments, but admit you should totally still tell me your thoughts! 


  1. Incredibly intriguing! Definitely going into my to-be-read pile!

  2. I love both covers! I haven't read Take Me There. Going to check it out. :)

    1. Oh, Take Me There is a must read! The cover is a little misleading, I think. Its not a romance, per say. There IS romance but def not the focus. Its a PHENOMENAL book though. Utterly amazing.

  3. I really enjoyed Take Me There. I didnt even know Carolee had another book coming out. I'm so happy to her the news!

    1. Yes! I was so excited to find out too. I hadn't realized it was slated for this year until they emailed me about the cover. =D

  4. Kari, thanks so much for hosting the cover reveal. You are awesome!!

  5. Definitely sounds like an interesting read. I'm confused as to whether Elijah is a ghost himself, but I'm still intrigued.

    Thanks for the giveaway op!


  6. Thank you so much for featuring this!! I picked it as my WOW book this week!!

  7. Thanks so much for this cover reveal!! I loved Take Me There and can't wait for this one :)

    It's my WoW book this week, too!

  8. I've got to read this or I'll spontaneously combust!!!!! :-)