Monday, January 2, 2012

Character Interview: Decker from Fracture

So stopping in today is a character who I seriously do love, but who also made me pretty stinking angry in the book. And even now, months after having read Megan Miranda's (amazing) debut Fracture, I still am very conflicted towards this guy. Sometimes I want to hug him, other times I want to smack him. But when given the chance to ask him some questions, I jumped all over it because face it, he's still pretty awesome. He's punchably awesome. Yes. That.

So with that, I bring you guys Decker! Best friend to Delaney, and the boy who pulled her from under the ice.

When Delaney fell through the ice, what was your first reaction?

For a split second, I thought that it was all some sick joke. That the universe was like, See, jackass? You leave her there because of pride? Watch what happens next. And then I realized it wasn’t about me. At all. So I ran.

So, I'm pretty sure there are a few scenes where readers just might hate you, or, you know, strongly dislike at the moment. What do you have to say in response to that, especially since we only get Delaney's view of things?

Pretty sure I don’t have the answers you’re looking for. I mean, I have answers, but they’re not going to absolve me of anything. I don’t want to relive it all. It won’t change anything that happened, and life…can be short. All that stuff is between me and her. Nobody’s perfect. God knows I’m far from it. The people who it impacted were able to forgive me, and that’s all that matters to me.

Which would be harder, never talking to her again but knowing Delaney is alive, or her having never come out of the coma?

Um, I really don’t want to think about either. But if you’re making me choose (you are, aren’t you?), it would be much worse if she never came out of the coma. No contest.

What was the best kiss you ever had like?

I don’t kiss and tell. But if I did… she’d kill me.

What is your best memory?

It was this day, a few years ago, back when we were all together. All of us. Before anything. Before everything. We were at a birthday party. And we were all jumping off this high diving board, and Delaney looked terrified—she held out her hand and asked me to jump with her, so I did. We were all making fun of each other—it was all so light and fun and nobody was thinking about dying and nobody was guilty of anything. It was just... us.

Boxers or briefs?

Part of me wants to skip this question, but a bigger part of me knows you’re already pissed at me, and I don’t want you to be pissed. So…boxers. Yeah. Moving on…

What kind of dinosaur would you describe yourself as?

A T. Rex, obviously. Wait, Delaney says velociraptor. Hmm, that doesn’t seem like a compliment. I think she’s just watched Jurassic Park a few too many times…

So there you guys have it. A little look into Decker!

Fracture hits shelves January 17, in just 2 short weeks, so make sure you preorder it or run out release day to buy it because you do NOT want to miss this one. Seriously. It's so brilliant and amazing and emotional and addicting. Plus then you can join me in the mixed feelings towards Decker thing. It's a good place to be.


  1. Yep I like him. Can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the interview. So fun.


  2. This is the first I've heard of Fracture. It sounds great!

    lol, I don't know why everyone is obsessed over boxers vs briefs. :D

  3. Poor Decker! He really did try and we all make mistakes. I think he's more than atoned for them.

    I love that last answer!

  4. oh see, I just loved Decker. He was such a perfect epitome of a teen boy to me. Sigh, i wish i could read this book for the first time all over again. So good.