Monday, March 28, 2011

Author Interview + Contest: Aric Davis

Popping in today is Aric Davis, author of the newly released Nickel Plated, to answer some questions and bring you guys a giveaway of his book!

What was the hardest aspect of Nickel's life to write and develop?

His past. I love the idea of a sequel, or sequels, and holding back on what I think is one of the most interesting parts was not easy. That said, I think I gave enough of a taste, and it makes me look forward to finding out more about him. I hope other people feel the same way.

If you could pair Nickel with any character from any book, who would you pick?

Scout, from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. She’d need to be a little older, but she would be perfect. What a duo, but I’m not going to be the one to tackle Harper Lee’s leading lady. I’m brave enough for a lot, but not that! Still, Scout would be one heck of a partner in crime, and I think Holden Caulfield could be a good fit too.

You're traveling back in time with Nickel at your side! Where do you go?

In my world, we’re going to kill Adolf Hitler in 1921. In Nickel’s, I think we need to try and save his father.

If you were a demigod, who would your parent be?

Absolutely Dionysius, he seems like he’s always having a good time, and I don’t remember him being involved in too much conflict. Plus, I would be guaranteed to be the life of the party!

What kind of cake/confection would you describe yourself as?

Jelly donut. Cut me in half, and the guts fall out.

Thank you, Aric, for those awesome answers, and congrats on your release!

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Contest is US only, and ends April 6.

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  1. This book sounds really cool!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for the spotlight, this is the first time I've heard of this book - sounds different/cool

  3. Haha, great interview! I'm with Aric, Dionysus sounds like an ideal guy to have around for a party. The whole him-being-the-god-of-wine-thing certainly doesn't hurt :)