Friday, March 11, 2011

Die for Me by Amy Plum: BIG Update!

I'm turning my blog over today to Amy Plum, author of the upcoming Die for Me for an exciting announcement about the cover of her book!

I'm asking Kari to announce this news because not only is she organizing DIE FOR ME's blog tour on The {Teen} Book Scene, but she knows a lot more of you than I, a newbie author, do. And I wanted to get this news out as quickly as possible. Because it is HUGE and unexpected. Like a rhinoceros bursting unannounced into my living room. Except, in this case, it's a rhinoceros wearing a strappy red dress and surrounded with hand-drawn mysterious black swirls.

But enough already with the bizarre-o metaphors. Here is the news:

HarperCollins has decided to change the cover image of DIE FOR ME.

They are adopting Atom's cover depicting KATE-ON-THE-ROOF instead of their previous cover showing KATE-IN-A-BOAT.

I've never heard of this kind of thing, but I also hadn't heard of an ARC before last September when people started asking me for one and I had to Google it to know what they were talking about. However, my editor told me that a last-minute jacket switch isn't that uncommon. Here is what she said:

“I shared the UK cover of DIE FOR ME with some folks in-house--and our sales team flipped over it. As much as they love OUR cover, they loved the UK cover just a little bit more. We then shared it with more people-in-positions-of-power, and the reaction was unanimous. They ultimately think that the UK cover feels like a 'bigger' book.

And, interestingly enough, this kind of thing happens quite a lot so we're not concerned about consumers and booksellers being confused--booksellers 'get' this type of thing and you'll be able to share the revised cover on your blog so any bloggers who are following DIE FOR ME news will be able to pick up that info and share it as well.”

So Harper tweaked the UK cover. And here it is. And here we are, you and I. So what do we think? I think it's gorgeous. How about you?

 And for your perusal, here are both the original US Covers, and the UK cover:

So what do you guys think? I love it! The color scheme is fantastic, and it most definitely makes me wonder what she's looking out at and thinking. Not to mention, I do love the Eiffel Tower being in the background. But mostly, just the color scheme. It's gorgeous! Congrats, Amy!!!


  1. ohmigosh--YAY! i loveloveLOVE the red (UK) cover. and i couldn't be happier it made it in the end. dont get me wrong, the kate-on-the-boat is BEAUTIFUL as well, but the red one just appealed to me more. plus, the eiffel tower touch in it was bloody brilliant!

  2. While I wasn't a huge fan of the original cover I did like that the chapter headers followed the same font as the cover, which I'm guessing will change the print edition too now that it's changing the cover.

    I love the dress and especially the Tower. :) It's in Paris so it's pretty important that the cover conveys that little piece of info.

    I'm about 40 pages from finishing this book so I'm excited to see some press because it's a pretty good read. :)

    I'll post the new cover on my blog later today! :)

    Congrats Amy!

  3. I agree, I like the new one better. The UK cover is brighter, flashier, and more appealing. Congrats Amy!

  4. I totally agree !!! cover on the roof Im so glad :P I have pre ordered and hope I get it with the gorgus cover !!! on the roof for sure !!! thanks for the update !!!!
    Very exciting news !! thanks ! and congrads to Amy !!!

    kat via facebook


  5. It's beautiful! I loved it before and I love it now! Congrats, Amy!

  6. I LOVE it. Seriously, that cover makes me drool.

  7. I looooove the new cover!! Gorgeous! =)

  8. I remember seeing the UK cover and thinking that I liked it so much better than the original US one... So this is great news. I think the changes for the US version are even better than the original UK!! YAY! Everyone wins!!!

  9. Great news! :) I loved the US version, darker-blue with the beautiful girl, surrended by red, but definitely my fav was the UK cover -that's why I pre-ordered the UK book. Guilty!

    *Astrid A.*

  10. Hmm... Interesting. This may sound like waffling, but I honestly can't choose my favorite of the two. I like both for different reasons.

    I agree with most of the other commenters that the new cover is more visually stunning. LOVE the dress and the black swirls! They look sort of like black ivy crawling all over the cover. Plus, the red combined with the tag line definitely stresses the romantic nature of the book, which I love.

    At the same time, I like the US cover's darker, more mysterious feel. The image of the protagonist sitting in a blood-red boat in a river makes me think of the River Styx in Greek mythology. It's haunting, so I love that one, too.

    Two awesome covers for one great story? Sign me up!

  11. I think the new(ish) cover is more mysterious because Kate has her back to us. Begs the questions how hot is this girl with fabulous hair and will she die for love?

    Love the original, but agree with the change. :)

  12. Hooray! I *love* the new cover! I think it's gorgeous.

  13. Both covers are great but the red dress really draws the eyes and I agree with what your said about wondering what she is looking at.
    And I love the black filigree sprouting upwards from or towards her dress and the book title depending on how you look at it.

  14. Yay, that's great news. I'm so glad to hear they've changed the cover because even though the original cover was super gorgeous, I love everything about the UK cover, the pose, dress, colors, and swirls, absolutely everything! I can't wait until it's released! :D

  15. I love the new cover! I wasn't a fan of the one in the boat. :-/


  16. OMG! I absolutely love the new cover :D At least to me it's a lot more appealing!