Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Q&A With Lauren DeStefano

Along with several other bloggers, I recently had the chance to submit an interview question to Wither author Lauren DeStefano for a cumulative interview in celebration of her debut release. Instead of posting the whole thing for you guys, I decided to just post my question which is, of course, one of my favorites to ask authors:

If you could pair Rhine, Linden and Gabriel with any character from any book, who would your pick for each be?

I probably wouldn’t do that. It’s hard to imagine the characters in this world entering another world. But for Rhine, I would say that being paired up is the last thing she’d want. She’s a strong-willed girl who values freedom above all else; love is not something she’s ever thought to look for.

 So there you guys have it! Thank you, Lauren, for the answer, and congrats on the release! And make sure you guys all run out and pick up Wither, out today!


  1. That is a great question and I can see where the answer came from. I loved the book and Rhine's a fantastic character.

  2. Great question! Although I wish Lauren DeStefano DID pick someone to pair her characters up with :)