Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Author Interview: Gwen Hayes

Here today I have the lovely Gwen Hayes, debut author of Falling Under, to answer some questions for me!

If you found yourself in Theia’s situation, would the hottie boy be worth losing your soul or would you find a way out of it?

I can promise you that Theia almost never does what I would do. She also never does what I ask her to do. Haden calls her a minx and he’s not wrong.

Haden has the chance to set up the perfect first kiss, even outside the confines of his world. What does he do?

I can’t tell you that because he DOES set up the perfect kiss in the sequel and it will make you all melty inside when you read it.

If you could pair Theia and Haden with any character from any book, would be your pick for each?

The thought of them romantically involved with anyone else makes my teeth hurt. But I would love to see Haden as a special guest in Morganville, hanging out with the Glass House characters (written by Rachel Caine). He’d love to play video games with Shane and Michael.

What is one of the worst nightmares you’ve had?

I have recurring dreams about tsunamis. Usually when I’m stressed out.

As a lover of pop culture, what’s your favorite bit so far in 2011?

Gosh, 2011 is still so young. The Darth Vader kid was cute. I love Betty White’s resurgence into iconhood. She’s like Chuck Norris. Oh, and I was pretty giddy about seeing Justin Bieber and the Church Lady together on SNL.

If you were a demigod, what god/goddess would be your parent?

All the gods and goddesses kind of scare me—but I like Athena. I think it’s cool that she’s simultaneously the goddess of crafts and war, ya know? Plotting battle strategies while knitting a scarf is pretty neat.

What kind of shoe would you describe yourself as?

Thank you, Gwen, for those answers!  And you are the first to give me an actual picture instead of a description!

So make sure you guys all check out Falling Under, out now, and hit up Gwen on twitter (@gwenhayes)!


  1. Thanks for having me!
    It's kind of creepy that I answered those questions before the Japan earthquake. If anyone thinks it was in poor taste to bring up tsunami dreams so soon, please know I didn't expect that it would be a current concern when I blithely brought it up.

    My prayers remain with Japan.

  2. Great interview. I look forward to reading her book.

  3. Great interview! I just bought Gewn's book last week and am eager to read it! :) - C