Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Reasons to Buy The Liar Society and Clarity

So.... amongst other awesome releases coming out today, two books that I loved loved loved are hitting shelves. And just in case my reviews weren't enough to get you to go buy them, in usual Kari style, I bring you my top five reasons each to go buy The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker and Clarity by Kim Harrington!

The Liar Society:
5. The cover. I mean, come on, she has pink hair.
4. I woke up at 7 am to finish reading it. After going to bed at 3 am because that whole "I'll just read a little bit and go to sleep thing" just didn't happen with this one.
3. There's this nerdy, dorky boy who gives a good, maybe a little hot, name to nerdfighters everywhere.
2.There's also this hot, suave boy who will make you swoon. And maybe make you want to strangle him a time or two. You know, for a good balance.
1. It's a mystery! And it's done SO well! And oh my gosh. The twists!
Bonus: There's this scene. With a sword. Oh yeah. Now you wanna know.

5. Character development in this one is just awesome. I loved them all.
4. It's contemporary, with a little bit of supernatural. I wanted to snuggle with it.
3. Hot boys! Three of them! A lovable manwhore! And a guarded angsty one! And a sorry, apologetic, cute, sweet one! Boys boys boys and I want them all!
2. Snark snark snark. Clare's attitude was just fantastic.
1. It's a mystery! And it's done SO well! And oh my gosh. The twists! (Okay, I know I used that for The Liar Society, but its true on both. SERIOUSLY. The twists. And the who done it in this one???? Yeah. Um. Wow.)
Bonus: The hot boys! Oh. I already said that. Fine. Clare's ability is just downright awesome. And fun to read about.

So there you have it. My top reasons to go out RIGHT NOW and buy both of these books, because they are available today!

Congrats Kim, Lisa and Laura. You ladies rocked it with these titles. Now enjoy your day, then go write more books for me to read. I mean. For everyone. Yeah. That. 


  1. I didn't need any reason to buy either of these (other than the fact that I should buy them), but I enjoyed your lists! Clarity is en route to me right now and my uber-love for the ARC of The Liar Society ensures that I will be buying the pink-haired Kate version very soon.