Monday, March 14, 2011

Character Interview + Contest: AllieCat (Chasing Alliecat by Rebecca Fjelland Davis)

Here today I have the charming and mysterious Allie from Rebecca Fjelland Davis' Chasing Alliecat. She's a fantastic mountain biker, and intriguing person, and has earned the nickname AllieCat for a few reasons. And if you hang out after the interview, Allie has a copy of the book up for grabs for one lucky winner.

What was your very first impression of Sadie?

When I first saw her, she was straddling her bike, looking at the "dead" trailer homes. I watched her for a tiny bit. It's crazy to watch anyone's reaction to that dump in the beautiful woods. I knew she couldn't believe her eyes, and that made me like her right away. At the same time, she looked kinda innocent, and like the kind of girl who has a perfect life but thinks she's got it so bad, you know?

I also am glad when anybody bikes, 'cause it's such a great activity. But on the other hand, I'm a little skeptical of people who call themselves "mountain bikers" if they aren't at least a little hardcore. That's why I wanted to ride with Sadie the day I met her--to see if she was serious, and if she was willing to go all out.
She proved herself. She'll try anything, even if she's scared. So by the end of the ride, I knew I liked her.

If you couldn't figure it out, that's why I waited 'til we'd been riding awhile, to see what she was made of, before I even introduced myself to her.

You can travel anywhere in the world. Where do you go?

Two places: Big Sur in California to mountain bike. And France to ride some of the mountains in the Alps and Pyrenees that the guys ride in the Tour de France. The countryside on TV is gorgeous. I'd love to ride my bike there.

If you could spend one day as part of Sadie's family, what do you think the best part would be?

I think it would be having a mom who listened who wasn't wasted all the time. I haven't met her mom, yet, though, so that's only my imagination talking.

What is your greatest aspiration?

To win an national championship. That means getting sponsorship and going pro first of all, then racing on a pro team, and winning a national race. I'd love to race in the Olympics someday.

What is one thing about you that readers don't know even after reading the book?

Okay, this is crazy. And nobody knows this except I told Sadie--so I can't believe I'm telling it in an interview. But did you know that only guys can ride the Tour de France? There's a "Tour de Femme" for women, but nobody's ever heard of it right? See, you've never heard of it. I have this really crazy dream of trying to pass myself off as a guy to try to actually ride in the Tour de France. 

(Did you ever see that ancient film or read the old book National Velvet?) It would be like that on a bike!

Thank you, Allie, for your time! And make sure you guys check out Chasing Alliecat, out now!

Now for your chance to win a copy of Chasing Alliecat, just fill out THIS form.

Contest IS international, and ends March 23.

No entries will be accepted through the comments, but they are very welcome. Let Allie and Rebecca know your thoughts!


  1. Thanks for this and the giveaway :) Character interviews are so fun

  2. Fun character interview! I haven't done one and I'm thinking of it! Thank you for the chance to win!

  3. thanks for the giveaway ...and the interview was fun

  4. I'm definitely intrigued! Also, I know that there's a 'plebian' part of the TDF which non competitors can ride in- a (female) friend of mine is doing it this year.

  5. Thanks for the giveaway - I enjoyed the character's interview. (I had never heard of the women's race either). I like the description of the dead trailers.

  6. Wow, I didn't even know the Tour de France was for men only. Actually that would be a pretty good story, A girl dressing as a guy to do the tour!

  7. Thank you for the chance to win and the great interview!