Friday, August 26, 2011

Author Top Ten: Amber Argyle

Book release are always exciting, but what better to celebrate than with desserts? Yep. Desserts. Witch Song author Amber Argyle agreed, because she's here today to share not only her top ten favorite desserts, but a recipe for her number one pick! So let's get to it!

Tiramisu (my husband makes these every year for my birthday)
Chocolate chip cookies (I make the best chocolate chip cookies EVER).
Fruit Pizza made by my neighbor
Rocky Road Brownies made by me
Carmel brownies
Oreo ice cream
Blueberry cheesecake
Red velvet cake (my Mom made this every year for my birthday growing up. She
still does, on occasion).
9. Lindt truffles (in all their delicious variations)
10. Chocolate cake (made by my hubby).

Tiramisu Recipe:

1 recipe Hot-Milk Sponge Cake
1/3 C granulated sugar
2 T Pero or instant espresso powder or instant coffee crystals
2 8 ox mascarpone cheese or cream cheese, softened
½ C sifted powdered sugar
1 t vanilla
2 oz semisweet chocolate, grated
1 c whipping cream
½ oz semisweet chocolate, grated

Prepare hot milk sponge cake, making sure to grease and flour the pan. Cool for 10 minutes.

Remove from pan and cool completely.

In small saucepan, combine granulated sugar, Pero, and 1/3 cup water. Cook over medium heat to boiling. Boil for 1 minute; remove from heat and cool completely.

For filling (my husband doubles all the filling ingredients), in a medium bowl stir together the mascarpone or cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Stir in the 2 oz grated chocolate

To assemble, cut cake horizontally into 3 layers. Return a cake layer to the baking pan.

Brush layer in pan with one third of the syrup and spread with half of the filling. Repeat
layering with the second cake layer, one third of the syrup, and the remaining filling. Top
with the third cake layer; brush with the remaining syrup.

In a chilled bowl, whip cream until soft peaks form. Spread over top cake layer. Sprinkle
with the ½ oz grated chocolate. Refrigerate at least 4 hours. Makes 12 to 16 servings.

Anyone else dying  for a sugar rush? Thanks, Amber, for sharing and congrats on the release!


  1. Thanks, Kari! I'm having some serious cravings now.

  2. Now that's my kind of celebration. Yum! Congrats on the book release, it looks great.

  3. Oh yum. Thanks for the recipe Amber. I'm new to your site Kari. I love books and food too. Come over and visit my blog sometime.