Friday, August 19, 2011

Character Interview: Colleen from Now Playing- Stoner & Spaz II

Today's character guest is a little different than what you might normally see around here, but I have to say, this girl is spicy in all the right ways. And with that, I bring you Colleen from Ron Koertge's Now Playing: Stoner & Spaz II, a girl with a drug problem, a love for a spastic boy, and one of the spiciest personalities around.

What was your first thought about Ben?

What a pushover. What a freaking loser. And a cripple, too. There he was in the lobby of that run-down theatre and I just knew he haunted the place. But I needed a couple of bucks for treats and I knew he went to the same school, so I asked him. Of course he had a couple of bucks. He'd have given twenty just to sit with me.

What's your favorite thing about Ben? What frustrates you the most?

I like a lot of things about Ben. I like it that he worships me. I take off my clothes and he's all, "Holy cow. You're gorgeous!" What other guy is going to say that to me -- and mean it? I like it that he's generous without throwing money around like some homie with a new CD. I like it that he's innocent. He doesn't knowanything about anything except movies, but he knows everything about those. Which I also like. I've been around enough low-rent thick-necked mentally coagulated jackasses to last me a lifetime. And what frustrates me? We're almost history already. He doesn't know it yet, and I'm not gonna tell him. But the fact is in a year or two or three at the most he's going to blow past me like a 2008 Dodge Challenger 392 Super Stock. He won't want to, but he can't help himself. Can you see me at Princeton with him? Get serious.

If you could say one thing to Ed, now, what would it be?

I never liked you. Never. Not even a little bit.

How old were you when your drug addiction first started?

13. Just a little weed. And ain't that the way it always starts.

What kind of dinosaur would you describe yourself as?

A pterosaur, also called INCORRECTLY a pterodactyl. Also sometimes called a dinosaur, which it is not. Ask your little brother if you don't believe me. Or better yet -- look it up! Anyway I'd like to be a pterosaur because they can fly and I like to get high. Ha ha. I also like to look down on things. Get the big picture. That's how I know my time with Ben is finite, okay? But, hey, what isn't finite. Pterosaurs are also meat-eaters and anytime I want a steak all I have to do is ask Ben. Sweet, huh?

Thank you, Colleen, for stopping in, and thanks Ron for sharing her.

Now Playing: Stoner & Spaz II is out now, so be sure to pick it and the first one, Stoner & Spaz, up!

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