Monday, August 15, 2011

Character Tweets with Mari Mancusi

In a very twitter based community, I sometimes find myself wondering what characters in a book would do if they had twitter accounts. And some are admittedly more amusing to question than others, like the characters from Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven series. I mean, really, these vampires and such tweeting? Yeah. You're curious now too. Well luckily, Mari has been kind enough to force her characters to do some tweeting, and it's with that I bring you guys this post!

Jarethvamp: Heading out to meet @RaynieDay at Club Fang.

RaynieDay: Can't wait! Gonna get my dance on! RT @Jarethvamp: Heading to see @RaynieDay over at Club Fang.

SunnyGirl: @RaynieDay Man, you guys are dancing addicts. Don't you ever do anything else?

SunnyGirl: @RaynieDay Besides that goth music they play there is weird.

RaynieDay: @SunnyGirl You're just bitter because the last time you got turned into a vampire by mistake by @Magnus! #alsogothmusicistheawesome

Magnusvamp: @RaynieDay You can't blame me for that! You two are completely identical! And she was wearing a "Bite Me" tank top. What was I supposed to think?

Jarethvamp: @Magnusvamp You did me a favor. If you hadn't bitten Sunny, then Rayne would be your Blood Mate instead of mine. #thingsIdontliketothinkabout

RaynieDay: @Jarethvamp Awh, thanks babe. #iloveutoo

SunnyGirl: @JarethVamp @RaynieDay geez you two, get a room!

RaynieDay: @SunnyGirl You're just jealous because @Magnusvamp is too busy running the Blood Coven to take you out anymore.

JaydenVegas: @SunnyGirl I'll take you out. Want to go grab some food?

SunnyGirl: @JaydenVegas Awh, thanks. That's so nice of you!

JaydenVegas: @SunnyGirl I'll pick you up at eight.

JaydenVegas: Going out with @SunnyGirl to dinner. Maybe we'll go see the animals at the Comedy Pet Theater after. #funnightout

SunnyGirl: Grabbing dinner with @JaydenVegas. Hopefully Mexican. #yum!

Magnusvamp: @JaydenVegas. Hey!! #stayawayfrommygirlfriendyoutwerp

SunnyGirl: @Magnusvamp That's not very nice. Jayden and I are just friends!

Magnusvamp: @Sunnygirl Really? What about that time I caught you kissing him?

SunnyGirl: @Magnusvamp I told you--that was a one time mistake. #dropitalready! Don't you trust me?

Magnusvamp: @SunnyGirl I trust you! I don't trust him!

JaydenVegas: @Magnusvamp And I don't trust you! You never look out for Sunny's best interests!

RaynieDay: @Jarethvamp Oh geez. Here we go again...

RaynieDay: For more on the Jayden/Magnus/Sunny love triangle, check out Blood Ties by @marimancusi!

Jarethvamp: Right. @RaynieDay Now let's go dancing!

RaynieDay: @Jarethvamp I thought you'd never ask.

Yep, that was as awesome and hilarious as I'd expect, not only from these characters but this author. Make sure you guys check out Blood Ties and the rest of the Blood Coven books. They're fun and hilarious, and something not to be missed. Not to mention all the hot guys....

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