Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Character Tweets + Contest: Possess

Ever read a book and wanted to know what the characters would do if they had Twitter accounts? Yeah, me too. But lucky for you, I've asked Possess author Gretchen McNeil that very question and she most definitely delivered. So check it out, then stick around for your chance to win a copy of Possess which, trust me, you want.

KingHector: OMG! Had the choco cream at House of Pies. *dies* Sooooooo not on my diet. Sooooooo don’t care.

WhateverGrl: @KingHector And this is different from every other day…how?

KingHector: @WhateverGrl I haven’t been to House of Pies in like…two weeks.

WhateverGrl: @KingHector If by “two weeks” you mean “two days” then yes.

KingHector: @WhateverGrl Don’t be a h8r, Bridge. Don’t be a h8r.

WhateverGrl: @KingHector I refuse to acknowledge tweets without proper spelling and grammar…

KingHector: @WhateverGrl Then U’LL ignore this about me scoring Muse tickets for next week and I’ll take @BBallBrad instead…

WhateverGrl: @KingHector OMG MUSE! I <3 you! :D

KingHector: @WhateverGrl Oh, NOW you care.

KingHector: @WhateverGrl You prolly can’t go anyway. Aren’t you grounded? Again.

WhateverGrl: @KingHector Lies.

KingHector: @WhateverGrl Oh yeah? Didn’t I see your BOYFRIEND hanging around the library looking for you….again.

KingHector: @WhateverGrl Usually means your mom’s put a hit out on you. HAHAHAH

WhateverGrl: @KingHector *glares*

KingHector: @WhateverGrl *smiles innocently*

WhateverGrl: @KingHector HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!

StanfordBound: @WhateverGrl @KingHector Wait, What are you talking about?

StanfordBound: @WhateverGrl @KingHector Bridge you have a boyfriend? There’s a boyfriend now? Since when? Since when do you have a boyfriend?

WhateverGrl: @StanfordBound No one, Peter. @KingHector is talking about NO ONE.

KingHector: @WhateverGrl @StanfordBound If by “no one” you mean “At-May, In-Quay” then yes, no one.


BBallBrad: @StanfordBound @KingHector Are we talking about @WhateverGrl’s boyfriend?

WhateverGrl: @StanfordBound @KingHector @BBallBrad *BOOM*

WhateverGrl: @StanfordBound @KingHector @BBallBrad That is the sound of my head exploding with rage.

WhateverGrl: @StanfordBound @KingHector @BBallBrad Happy?

KingHector: @BBallBrad @StanfordBound High 5, guys. @WhateverGrl

WhateverGrl: @StanfordBound @KingHector @BBallBrad I hate you.

StanfordBound: @WhateverGrl Wait, who’s your boyfriend?

Now that I'm done cracking up, thank you, Gretchen, and I can see every bit of your characters in this tweets.... And congrats on the release!

To celebrate the release of Possess (Today! Yay!), Gretchen was kind enough to offer up one signed copy of the book to one lucky winner.

To enter, just fill out THIS form

Contest is US only and ends September 1.

No entries will be accepted through comments but you know you still want to leave a comment for Gretchen.

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