Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Author Video Interview: Matt Myklusch

So... I've had the chance to interview the author of the Jack Blank books, Matt Myklusch, but instead of just him sending back answers he's answered each one as a video. Check it out, because I have to say, some of these answers are awesome!

Jack Blank makes the front page! What does it say?

If you were a pen, what kind would you be?

Which Death Eater, other than Voldemort, would you want to fight?

If you could choose any character from any book to put into Jack's story, who would you pick?

You and Jack are stranded on a desert island. How do you escape?

So there you guys have it. Matt's answers to my quirky questions. Now make sure you guys check out Jack Blank and the Secret War, out today!


  1. Kari - Those are for sure some crazy questions. I like the dessert island question and answer. Nice!

  2. radtastic! What an awesome author to video answer your questions! Loved the responses! *wink* and he's a cutie too! =P